Jan 282011

By Sam Conner —

The Winslow City Council appointed Charlie Engels and Robert Zaccaria to the Airport Commission Tuesday evening.

The council also approved five new ordinances. Since voters amended the city’s charter, second readings are no longer required and the ordinances will go into effect in 30 days.

The first amends an existing ordinance with a new schedule of rates, fees and charges. Before it was adopted, the proposed ordinance was amended to lower the proposed increase in fees for bag usage in solid waste pick up from $32.47 to $13.47 per month.

The second created a penalty for violations of the canines and cats provisions of the City Code, and changed the statutory penalty for a second offense to a Class I misdemeanor.

The third new ordinance adopted added a new section to an existing ordinance titled “Transportation System Use License Application Fee.” That change was necessary due to the state taking the city’s handling of commercial waste contracts. The city will have to approve the companies contracting with commercial customers.

The fourth adopted updated the Winslow Municipal Code with the adoption of the 2006 International Codes and the 2005 National Electrical Code and amendments.

The fifth and final proposed new ordinance postponed the scheduled increase in the lease of the Airport cafe for one year.

City Manager Jim Ferguson reported on city activities, noting that four full-time employees and one all-call employee have applied for the position of fire chief, which will become available on the retirement of Chief Boney Candelaria. He also spoke of concern regarding a county charge for jailing of persons arrested in the city, which is pending Board of Supervisors’ action and negotiations.

Wal-Mart Manager Chris Alexander gave a presentation on the company’s sustainability efforts to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Among the many practices and items he mentioned was that the Winslow store will be going solar.

Judge Alison Kolomitz gave the monthly court report.

Finance Director Regina Reffner gave the monthly financial report, assuring the council that the city is monitoring all revenue sources and watching spending. She said that state shared revenue funds are expected to be lessened considerably, but the amount is not yet known. The city will likely have to make adjustments due to the expected decrease in funds from the state.

Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) Specialist Susan Bardsley spoke during the call to the public on the agency’s efforts to help homeowners with foreclosure problems. She said the help is free, and she may be seen at the office at 301 W. Second St., or called at 289-6489 or 289-2156.

Valentine Lopez, Judy Howell and Ellie Merritt also spoke during the call to the public.

Lopez spoke on several issues, including the lack of a code enforcement officer.

Howell spoke on the damage done to the retirement system by the retire-rehire program.

Merritt spoke about unsafe and poor conditions for dogs at the animal shelter facility.

The consent calendar adoption gave approvals of the check register and minutes of the Jan. 11 meeting.