Jan 282011

By Linda Kor —

The Holbrook City Council agreed Tuesday evening that meetings would now be held at 6 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. in order to encourage greater attendance from the public and for the convenience of council members.

City Manager Ray Alley informed the council that he still waiting on the contract from the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office regarding the combining of dispatch services, and anticipates having that by the end of this week.

Alley also mentioned that the city is continuing to work on improvements to gutters, curbs and sidewalks in small projects due to the uncertainty of the weather this time of year.

“We also have three more abatements that should be complete by next week. In addition, I’ve also contacted two owners of houses that need abatement and are within 700 feet of schools. They seem willing to work with me on those,” stated Alley. He also commended the Williams family for clean-up efforts at its mobile home park located across from Dairy Queen.

The council approved for first reading an amendment that would increase rates for individuals paying cash for use of the transfer site, while rates would stay the same or be lower for individuals who bill their utilities account with the city instead.

Mayor Jeff Hill expressed his support for the resolution, stating, “I’m really pleased with this. The city is doing its best to keep prices cheap for citizens and discourage use of the site by people who don’t live here.”

The council also approved for first reading an amendment to the water and sewer rates for new services. “This is just a matter of housekeeping,” explained Alley. “There will be no change to any of the rates except that of an initial tap charge beyond six feet.”

The amendment states that an initial tap charge of $750 will remain the same, but a depth of more than six feet will require an additional charge of $50 per foot. This increase is to offset the costs incurred by the city for going beyond the six-foot depth.

The scheduling of Alley’s annual review was discussed, with the council deciding to hold a special meeting for the manager’s review at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 1. The council members will be receiving packets allowing them to rate the performance of the city manager in a variety of areas with a four choice rating. During the special meeting, the council will report on the compiled results of the evaluation, and Alley will be allowed to respond to the comments either publicly or in executive session.

The council agreed to cancel the Feb. 8 meeting so that council members could attend the annual Hashknife Posse dinner held that same evening.