Jan 282011

By Naomi Hatch —

“As you know, the library had a water break during the freeze and flooded a large area,” reported Library Director Cathie McDowell at the Jan. 25 Snowflake Town Council meeting. “It’s a monumental job to get everything dried out.”

A water line broke on Jan. 3, resulting in damage to the carpet and walls in the lobby, office and main part of the library, as well as ruining many books and materials.

The Snowflake Town Library was closed for a week and a half, but is now open temporarily. It will be closed for approximately a week for installation of the new carpet, according to McDowell. She said that the walls are being repaired and many materials are boxed.

Three bids were received for carpet installation, said McDowell, who recommended High Country Floor Covering, a local business that bid $11,174.40. The low bid of $9,748.27 was from Western Carpet and Tile Company of Show Low.

McDowell explained that High Country Floor Covering bid on 550 square yards, and Western Carpet, 450, and High Country’s bid included removing toilets, which will be done by the town, so with these considerations it made a $1,000 difference. McDowell explained that many communities use a local company if it is within 10 percent of the low bid.

“These are hard economic times. I would like to give the bid to our local economy to help stimulate our economy,” said McDowell.

Councilman Larry Matyas asked Town Attorney Robert Hall how this would work.

Hall responded, “The code doesn’t require low bid, it does give counsel some wiggle room if they decide to go otherwise. Cathie has articulated options.”

Hall pointed out that there is no cost to the town; the insurance will cover the cost. “The closeness of the bid and what the services are is something the council can reasonably consider,” he said.

The council unanimously approved a motion to award the contract for library flooring to High Country Floor Covering.