Feb 162011

By Sam Conner —

A large group of Winslow High School football fans and parents of players met at the school to congratulate new Bulldogs football Coach B.J. Little. The group applauded Little and seemed well pleased with his promotion to the head varsity coach position.

Little, a native of Holbrook, has lived in Winslow for 17 years and been an assistant football coach for 16 of those years. He is replacing Rusty Robertson, for whom he has been an assistant for four years. Robertson is leaving for Nebraska to live near his children and grandchildren.

Athletic Director Don Petranovich introduced Little and Robertson, and said that among his memories of Little were the technical fouls Little had given him as a basketball referee. He admitted that they were deserved.

Little said that he wants his coaching job to be an extension of the great job parents of players are doing in raising their children to be respectful, hard working and dedicated. He said that both the parents and he have the job of building good men.

Laurie Carter spoke briefly and told the audience that she appreciated the help Little, Robertson and the rest of the coaching staff had been in working to get players like her son college scholarships to further their education and improve their lives.

Little said that he appreciates the support of Robertson, Petranovich, Principal Chris Gilmore and others. He spoke of an incident when he was the catcher for the Holbrook High School baseball team and having trouble catching a left-hander’s curve ball. Winslow Coach Art Griffith came over and told him how to make that play correctly. He said he was grateful, and has never forgotten Griffith’s act of kindness and sportsmanship.

He announced that he already has Craig Moody, Eric Leonard, Jeff Hancock, Jim Schwad and Scott Larson committed to being assistants for him and the Bulldogs.

He also said that he will encourage football players to play other sports, although he will not tell them whether to play baseball or track for instance. He said that competition is the key to success in athletics.