Feb 182011

75 Years Ago

Holbrook merchants met and decided not to close on Feb. 22 in honor of Washington’s birthday, because “it would be unfair to some people who might drive a hundred or more miles here to do their trading and find the stores closed.”

Sheriff O.C. Williams and Undersheriff Lafe Hatch drove a man home to Winslow rather than arresting him after he held the officers at gunpoint for more than an hour. Williams noted that the man had already been sent to the state hospital several times for having “demented spells,” and it had not done him any good. According to the report, “The spells are of short duration and the officers said that they felt that they were doing him more harm than good by having him judged insane so often and letting it prey on his mind.”

There were 3,838 registered voters in Navajo County, down by 1,412 compared to the previous election. Those who did not vote in the election were stricken from the voter list.

50 Years Ago

Members of the Happy H’s 4-H Sewing Club included Valerie Webb, Karen Lewis, Helen Turley, Patsy Shugart, Shirlene Shreeve, Janet Brinkerhoff, Lindy Despain and Martha Estrada.

The Holbrook High School all-girl drum and bugle corps was invited to participate in the Phoenix Junior Chamber of Commerce Rodeo Parade. It was noted that the corps had a 25-year history of military marching and showmanship.

25 Years Ago

Holbrook Man and Woman of the Year nominees included Dean Thomas, Alan Grace, Dale Horsley, Gene Dawson, Mary Koury, Linda Richins, Twyla Taylor and Betty Fischer.

Holbrook High School decathlon team members included Bridget Stewart, Kristen Kingston, Matthew Ortega, Kelly Kenny, Floyd Simmons, Glenda Mitchell, Brian Simper, David Hughes and Rick Berry.

Athletes of the Week at Holbrook Junior High School were Jeff Knight and Kristen Marvin.

10 Years Ago

Arizona Public Service Co. assured local customers that there would not be an energy crisis like the one experienced in California, which resulted in “rolling brown-outs.”

Residents learned that the 520 area code would soon be changed, after just six years of use. It was noted that the change was being made because of the scarcity of available numbers because “demand is high due to the increase in the use of pagers, wireless phones, fax machines, modem lines and Internet-related services.

Holbrook High School seniors Jeri Mendell and Jared Nelson were the PTSA Students of the Month