Feb 232011

By Linda Kor —

Passport Potash continues to move forward with its work in the Holbrook Basin. According to Passport President Joshua Bleak, Zonge International’s seismic crew has completed the portion of the seismic survey on the Twin Buttes Ranch, totaling 20 line-miles.

The seismic crew will now be mobilizing on Passport’s landholdings at the southern end of the Holbrook Basin. In addition to progress on the seismic survey, three exploration drill holes have been completed at the Twin Buttes Ranch.

Passport also continues to expand its land holdings. It has applied for mineral prospecting permits on 7,000-plus acres of federal lands in the southwestern portion of the basin. With the applications for these federal sections submitted, Passport’s land holdings in the Holbrook Basin will include private, state and federal land upon granting of the federal prospecting permits.

Commenting on these recent developments, Bleak stated, “With our new applications for prospecting permits submitted, we are positioned to be the only potash exploration entity in the Holbrook Basin to include private, state, and federal sections in our land holdings. Additionally, we are very pleased with the progress of our exploration program. Our recent funding of $7.1 million will allow us to complete our current program and plan for additional exploration on lands that we have recently acquired and will acquire in the future.”