Feb 232011

Six candidates will vie for three open seats on the Taylor Town Council during primary election on Tuesday, March 8. They include incumbent Robin Palmer, Greg Cardita, Fay Hatch, Shawn Palmer, Gary Solomon and Lon Willis. Each was asked to provide a photo and candidate statement. Their submissions follow.

Greg Cardita

I am running for Taylor Town Council because I believe that everyone should take an opportunity and serve the community they live in. It’s a form of service that I take very seriously.

I think that the most important issues that face Taylor are the budget, our local economy and protecting the aquifer Taylor sits on. There is little we can do about the budget except for be in survival mode so that when funds become available, once the budget improves Taylor will be ready to utilize those funds. As far as the local economy, I think it’s paramount that we bring more businesses to Taylor; we cannot offer anything tangible, but we can support them by advertising and promoting the business. I want to add my voice and energy to the fight of protecting the aquifer Taylor sits on top of from being overtaken by the Valley.

If elected, I will help Taylor get through these tough economic times and prepare Taylor to grow in a way so that the next generation will have an opportunity to raise their family here in Taylor.

I encourage anyone that would like to get to know me or who has a question for me to email me at carditaforcouncil@hotmail.com. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

John Fay Hatch

I am a candidate for Taylor Town Council. Taylor has a long and proud history. I feel it is a privilege to live here, and to be a part of the effort to make Taylor a better place to live and to continue the heritage we enjoy here.

We are facing difficult times, but I feel that there are still things that we can do to make Taylor better. There is no need for it to be so difficult to get things done in Taylor. Businesses are facing an uphill struggle and the town should not add to that burden. We should be asking what we can do to help or what we can do to make it easier for businesses to succeed. Because we are under attack from the state and federal government, the city should not add to that burden.

If elected I will do all I can do to help Taylor be a better place. Any decision we make should be made with that goal in mind, to make Taylor a better place.

Robin Palmer

Over the last four years my desire has been to serve the people of Taylor. This will continue to be my agenda.

Our town is in good shape right now despite the economic crisis that surrounds us, but there is still a lot to do.

It is important to make decisions that are best for the whole community and that are consistent and fair, always with an eye toward the future. We are working on ways to bring more economic development to our community while maintaining the small town feel. Job creation is the main goal. Water is always a big concern. Taylor is taking a lead in the regional water debate to ensure the future of our water. We continue to find ways to improve our infrastructure as we have done with our wastewater plant, lift pumps and airport improvements.

I would like to continue to work on these issues with the great people of Taylor.

Re-elect Robin Palmer to the Taylor Town Council, and together we will move forward with consistency and integrity.

Shawn Palmer

One issue facing Taylor is its water supply. Many people have no backup supply. If grid power was lost for an extended amount of time, diesel power would be relied on for pumping water. Once the supply of backup diesel is depleted, there would be no more ability to pump water. We live in uncertain times. I believe the best and most dependable backup system is with solar technology, which is advanced and quite affordable.

Economic development is a tricky topic. Everyone wants a strong economy, but how is that achieved? That’s the tricky part. Stimulation of economy doesn’t just happen because of town policies or council agendas. It takes business people, ideas, finance, location, a plan, customers, hard work, etc. That’s how we get paper mills, truss plants, trucking, sand and rock, dairies, tire stores, restaurants and gas stations. Taylor has great potential with industrial, wholesale, retail, entertainment, agriculture and others. Encouragement can be given by the town, but ultimately someone else has to step up and make it all come together. This area has missed some valuable opportunities for major employment.

Also, local businesses should conduct themselves so that customers will want to support them rather than shop out of the community.

Gary Solomon

Taylor is my birthplace. I would appreciate your support at the March 8 election. If elected to the town council, I will do my best to represent the citizens of Taylor.

In 1955 Taylor had a population of about 500 people, today there are 10 times that amount and growing. I want to be a part of helping Taylor to grow with more industries and jobs. As a business owner in Taylor of 45 years, I feel like I can be instrumental in helping to bring business and growth to Taylor.

I hope you the voters will come out in large numbers and elect the candidates of your choice.

All calls welcome, 243-3949.

Lon Willis

I have lived here for most of my life. I am seeking election, as I believe I could be an asset. The stewardship of this town and the importance of proper management is a glowing area where improvement is necessary and achievable.

The rights promised and guaranteed in the constitution are the lifeline of transparency in government and must be maintained.

I will do all I can do to ensure that that foundation will be firm and solid under my stewardship.