Feb 232011

The Snowflake Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, March 8. The ballot will feature incumbent Kelly Willis and Vice Mayor Kerry Ballard in the race for mayor, and incumbent Lorri Davis, Julius Aubin, Cristina Chugg, Blaine Jarvis, Beverly Kay and Gregory Kroeger in the race for two open council seats. Each was asked to provide a photo and candidate statement. Their submissions follow.

Mayoral Candidates

Kerry Ballard

I am happy to serve the Town of Snowflake. Currently our budget is sound and staff is working diligently to keep it that way. Before our community experiences growth again, major projects will be funded through state or federal grant monies. I represent the town on committees that provide grants including the Northern Arizona Council of Governments and will be chairman this year, the first from Snowflake to have that oppor-tunity. My goal is to bring grant money our way. I am chairman of the Navajo and Apache Counties Mayor and Council Association, and the local Community Values Committee.

I believe in giving service to the town, and have demonstrated it by working on our heritage homes, senior center, cemetery, Academy Building, swimming pool, ball field dugouts and other town buildings, and will continue this as mayor. I enjoy helping make Pioneer Days a success and the 12 days of Christmas, going to all church programs and local entertainment. I planted trees for Arbor Day and participated in town cleanup. It was fun to serve Groundhog biscuits and gravy to sleepy people at Groundhog Day.

I want to serve you as mayor and be an ambassador for our community. I ask you, “What can I do to help the Town of Snowflake?” Be sure to vote on March 8.

Kelly S. Willis

Once again it is time to elect members to the town council. I have been serving as mayor for six years, and am willing to serve for another term if the citizens of Snowflake would like me to. Through these years I have learned much about the workings of state and local government.

Snowflake has been hit hard economically along with all of Arizona and the nation. Through it all we have stayed financially sound and solvent. My goal is to keep us that way as we continue to grow. Many people in government that I have associated with cannot believe Snowflake is a full-service town. We have our own po-lice, fire, sewer, water, recreation services, library, pool and 27-hole golf course. In addition we must maintain our own streets and roads. We do all this with one of the smallest budgets and revenue source in Navajo County. Much of the credit must go to our manager and staff; they work so diligently to keep Snowflake running.

Our roads are my number one priority at this time. We as a council must find a new revenue source to maintain what we have or we will be in danger of losing them to complete deterioration. My goal is to continue to help us grow smart.

Council Candidates

Julius Aubin

The lack of jobs and the abundance of vacant houses, limited business community, and persistence that this town remain as settled is causing many new residents to abandon their dreams and take their futures elsewhere. Those that see the future have many roadblocks ahead. The view of having a community spirit that invites fel-lowship, family involvement, social activity centers and new areas for our children to grow and thrive.

I know as one, there is a long road to walk. But by involving the people, considering what is needed to see the future, determination and persistence can lead to what people moved into this area for.

Due to limited space, further statement can be discussed at 536-5816.

Cristina Chugg

The economic challenge faced by the Town of Snowflake is the biggest issue facing our town today. I would like to see more jobs in our community, and I have a specific plan for bringing those jobs to Snowflake.

When a business looks at a new location, they consider whether their employees will have access to health care, entertainment and shopping. At one time, Snowflake had a maternity hospital, the Social Hall acted as a theatre and Snowflake was considered a retail center for the White Mountains. Now many of our tax dollars go to Show Low. We can change that with managed growth in retail, entertainment and health care. Doing so will improve revenues for Snowflake, and attract new jobs for ourselves and for our families. I will work closely with businesses to create business-friendly policies, and assist them in relocating to Snowflake.

I would like to help Snowflake to be restored to the booming town it once was, the way our ancestors knew it. In so doing, we will continue to honor our heritage while providing for our future. Our future is bright, and I am willing to work to make it even better.

Lorri Davis

I am the daughter of Dale and Jeannie Peterson. My dad was born and raised here in Snowflake, and I have lived here most of my life. I am married to Scott Davis from St. Johns and we have five children and 12 grand-children. It has been wonderful having had our children live and go to school here as I did, and as my dad be-fore.

I have had opportunities to be in the first Silver Creek Symphony and have also worked on the first board of the Silver Creek Choir. I have helped in different aspects of the Twelve Days of Christmas. This past year, I helped produce the Christmas Spectacular, which was a wonderful experience, along with all the talented peo-ple in the area. Snowflake is very dear to me. I love the people.

I have served on the council for the last term and feel I have a good working relationship with them, which is very important for the town. We have a great council and great staff.

I ask for your vote in March so I can continue to work on the council. Thank you.

Blaine Jarvis

I was born in Snowflake, went to grade school and then moved to the Valley, coming back in 1965 to teach at the Snowflake School District. I am retired and would like to serve on the council.

I ride around town on my three-wheel bike and golf cart, and have a good idea of what our town is all about. We have lots of good people and a good council. I am a good listener and have the time. For 30 years I worked as a softball announcer. I would like to see the swimming pool be opened longer and included in the Snowflake brochure as part of the good things we have to offer. I would like to see our roads upgraded, especially around our cemetery. With new ball fields, it would be nice to make Snowflake the softball capital of Arizona by having more weekend tournaments, bringing more people to fill our hotels and eat in our restaurants and put people to work.

I enjoy volunteer work and give tours at the Smith home and help with the July 24th parade.

My wife Verona and I raised five children in Snowflake. I love Snowflake and am proud to say that I live here.

Beverlee Kay

With local revenues down 21 percent (or $249,000), intergovernmental revenues decreased by 14 percent (or $101,299) causing the town to decrease its expenditures in the budget 25 percent (or $397,000) and unemployment at a high 14.5 percent, it is imperative to have and to keep a budget while at the same time keeping Snowflake a desirable place for new businesses. The council must use their available funds for the common good of the citizens and future infrastructure of the town. At the same time, the town council must be positive, have the energy and leadership ability necessary to put together and work with the citizens (volunteers) and government agencies and grants such as Northern Arizona Council of Governments Community Development Block Grants on town improvements, economic development and tourism. I feel these are the attributes and my personal goals that I can bring to the council.

Presently I am CEO and part-owner of Hopi Traders Inc., Kay Supply, on the Economic Development Committee of Snowflake, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Hostess Chairman for the Silver Creek Performing Arts, chaired the Christmas Luminaries and (because of my desire to cut operating expenses) chaired the Consolidation Committee.

Greg Kroeger

My candidacy for the Snowflake Town Council is about civic duty, giving back to the people who have supported me as their friend and neighbor since 1995. If elected, I will have much to learn, and I know now that I will learn from the best. Your council members are experienced and unbiased. They truly serve you in every sense of those two words, “serve you.” I was humbled to be among two of them at the candidate forum Feb. 9.

I strongly support increasing town revenue, not in the form of taxation, but rather promotion of new busi-nesses and industry. We have the necessary infrastructure and geographical space to expand. The time is now for economic growth, job creation and a hope that our young people have the means to stay in the area after high school, or a desire to return home following college.

My personal credentials are as follows: current chairman of the White Mountain Lake Recreation Im-provement District Advisory Committee, current and past member of the Navajo County Personnel Commission, current president of the Navajo County Deputies Association, certified Arizona peace officer since 1982.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.