Feb 252011

By Naomi Hatch —

Members of the Snowflake Town Council previously discussed Ordinance No. 11-333, regulating recreational vehicles, and at their Feb. 22 council meeting, Planning and Zoning/Building Safety Administrator Dale Call presented a final ordinance and recommended approval.

“I have a problem with the recreational vehicle permit you’re wanting the town to issue,” stated Councilman Larry Matyas. “That sounds to me pretty unusual.”

“We did this so we’d have some oversight of who’s parking it (the recreational vehicle) there and how long it would be there,” said Call. He further explained that this is for administrative purposes, because residents have complained of recreational vehicles parked in their neighborhoods.

“There’s a point in which regulations become too restrictive, and I think that’s too restrictive. In a town like ours, to me, that’s ridiculous,” said Matyas, who wanted to void that portion of the ordinance.

Mayor Kelly Willis pointed out that there is not a fee schedule.

Call explained that the imposition of fees would be up to the council.

“We had this discussion multiple times,” said Councilman Jason Whiting, noting that this was created because the ordinance does not allow recreational vehicles parked in the street or close to a home. “This was actually done as a consideration to help those people.”

“That still doesn’t make it less ridiculous,” Matyas replied.

Vice Mayor Kerry Ballard expressed concern about a fee and violations of the law during celebrations.

Willis said he felt there should be no fee.

Whiting agreed, noting, “The intent of this was to allow specifically for those events that they could park in different places.” He said he felt there was no point to the ordinance if they voided that portion of it.

Ballard suggested they take out, “The owner/occupant of the primary residence must obtain an RV permit from Snowflake Town Hall. Failure to obtain a permit is subject to civil, administrative or criminal fines. The cost of the permit and administrative fines shall be established on the town’s comprehensive fee schedule.”

The council members agreed, and further agreed that residents may call town hall to notify officials that a recreational vehicle will be parked at their home.

The ordinance allows a single RV be located on residential property for a period of up to 14 consecutive days, which all council members approved.

Councilman Tom Poscharsky suggested that violations be at the end of the ordinance, and moved to hold the first reading eliminating 5.a. that requires a permit and lists penalties if in violation, renumber the numbers in Section 5 and put the violations at the end of the ordinance. The council unanimously approved the motion.

In other action on Feb. 22, the council:

* Held the first reading of Ordinance 11-334, adopting the 2006 International Building Codes. This item had previously been discussed by the council, and was approved by the Snowflake Planning and Zoning Commission.

* Held the first reading of Ordinance 11-335, a zoning change from R-2A to R-21 on property owned by Taylor Flake, located at 248 E. Bellybutton Lane, in order to allow Flake to build a home.

Call explained that this had been heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission. There was a question on ingress/egress, which was researched by Town Engineer Rob Emmett and found to be adequate. The commission approved the request and recommended the council approve it.

The second reading will be held at the next council meeting.