Mar 252011

Linda Hunt

Russell Westover

The Joseph City Chamber of Commerce inducted two citizens who have made a significant difference in the community to The Joseph City Hall of Fame March 18. The 2011 honorees were Linda Hunt and the late M. Russell Westover, and they were honored with presentations made by B.G. “Bill” Bennett and Brad Neal during the Joseph City Founder’s Day Celebration talent show.


Linda Hunt was honored for outstanding service to the youth of Joseph City. Her passion for music has touched youth and adults. Linda’s dedication to improving each child’s education will be forever remembered. Her integrity, time, talent, example and love for the students and parents of this community are greatly appreciated.

M. Russell Westover (1916-2004) was honored for generous service to the development and improvement of the community, including irrigation system improvement, bringing natural gas to Joseph City, and encouraging and assisting in development of the Cholla Power Plant. He also served many years on community boards in Scouting, and 12 years on the Joseph City School Board.

As part of the recognition, the honoree plaque and pictures will be on display at the Joseph City Fire House.