Apr 222011

Both the boys’ and girls’ Major League teams of the Holbrook Little League will start the 2011 season on Monday, April 25.

The Major Girls League includes the Wildcats, the Gators and the Bats. All games are played at 5:30 p.m. at the Lisitzky Park Main Field.

The schedule includes: April 25, Gators at Wildcats; April 26, Bats at Gators; April 27, Wildcats at Bats; May 2, Wildcats at Gators; May 3, Bats at Wildcats; May 4, Gators at Bats; May 9, Bats at Gators; May 10, Wildcats at Gators; May 11, Bats at Wildcats; May 16, Gators at Wildcats; May 17, Bats at Gators; and May 18, Wildcats at Bats.

May 23, Wildcats at Gators; May 24, Bats at Wildcats; May 25, Gators at Bats; May 30, Memorial Day; May 31, Gators at Bats; June 1, Gators at Wildcats; June 2, Wildcats at Bats; June 6, Gators at Wildcats; June 7, Bats at Gators; June 8, Wildcats at Bats; June 13, Wildcats at Gators; June 14, Bats at Wildcats; June 15, Gators at Bats; and June 16 and 17, All-Star tryouts.

The Major Boys League includes the Athletics, the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers, the Angels and the Padres. All games are played at 5:30 p.m. at Barrow Field.

The schedule includes: April 25, Athletics at Diamondbacks; April 26, Dodgers at Angels; April 27, Padres at Athletics; April 28, Diamondbacks at Dodgers; April 29, Angels at Padres; May 2, Dodgers at Athletics; May 3, Diamondbacks at Padres; May 4, Athletics at Angels; May 5, Dodgers at Padres; May 6: Angels at Diamondbacks; May 9, Padres at Angels; May 10, Diamondbacks at Athletics; May 11, Angels at Dodgers; May 13, Padres at Diamondbacks; May 16, Athletics at Dodgers; May 17, Diamondbacks at Angels; May 18, Athletics at Padres; May 19, Dodgers at Diamondbacks; and May 20, Angels at Athletics.

May 23, Padres at Dodgers; May 24, Angels at Athletics; May 25, Padres at Diamondbacks; May 26, Dodgers at Angels; May 30, Memorial Day; May 31, Athletics at Padres; June 1, Diamondbacks at Dodgers; June 2, Diamondbacks at Athletics; June 3, Angels at Dodgers; June 6, Athletics at Padres; June 7, Dodgers at Diamondbacks; June 8, Padres at Angels; June 9, Athletics at Dodgers; June 10, Padres at Diamondbacks; June 13, Angels at Athletics; June 14, Padres at Dodgers; June 15, Diamondbacks at Angels; and June 16 and 17, All-Star tryouts.