Apr 272011

Photo by Naomi Hatch Craig Click (left) and Cody Hancock (right), holding daughter Tayli, have teamed up to provide bucking broncs and bulls for several area events.

By Naomi Hatch —

Former World Champion bull rider Cody Hancock and former Senior World Champion bareback bronc rider Craig Click have teamed up to provide stock for several events this year. Hancock furnishes bulls and Click, bucking horses.

On April 22 and 23 they furnished stock for the Tri-College Rodeo Challenge held in Taylor, agreeing that this event, a college level competition that is just one step below the professional level, would be a test for their stock.

Hancock has a highly respected bucking bull breeding program and said his bulls are doing well.

Click has put together approximately 50 bucking horses from different sales such as the National Finals Ro-deo sales in Las Vegas, Nev., and most recently Los Lunas, N.M.

Both cowboys agreed that it’s a tough and very competitive business. They know what a cowboy can win on and they have put together good winning stock.

They agree that partnerships are tough and usually end up with hard feelings, so they have adopted a new strat-egy, which is that they are teaming up rather than partnering. They each have their own events, but will team up for events such as the Taylor Rodeo on July 2, and the Luna, N.M., rodeo during Pioneer Days in July.

They are presently negotiating bringing back to Taylor the Cody Hancock Invitational Bull Riding and Bronc Stomping Finale, which would include a concert following the competition.

“It’s looking real good right now that it will happen in early October, that’s what Craig and I are shooting for,” said Hancock.

“First we have to test some of these college stars to see if we can gain some respect as stock contractors,” said Click.