Apr 292011

By Sam Conner —

The special work session of the Winslow City Council held Tuesday evening was devoted to discussion of plans for annexation and growth.

Planner Paul Ferris read a proposed policy which describes areas of interest to the city for possible annexation and ways to protect the city’s interests where an area has value to the city, but annexation is not a logical action.

City Manager Jim Ferguson noted that the policy simply says that certain areas around Winslow are important and even vital to the city. It lets other agencies know that the city has a vital interest even if annexation is not likely.

An example is the Clear Creek Dam and Reservoir, which are vital to the city but not likely to be annexed. The city is just saying that it wants to protect its interests in such areas.

The policy will be heard and acted upon by the Winslow Planning and Zoning Commission and return to the council for possible adoption at a later date.