Apr 292011

Photo courtesy of the Old Trails Museum

Winslow’s world famous Santa Fe Indian Band was started in 1923 by Charlie Earickson and three Indian musician friends. Colorfully garbed in bright velveteen shirts, white trousers and squaw skirts, and wearing Indian jewelry, these Santa Fe employees at times represented up to 12 different tribes. The band gained recognition for itself, Winslow and for the Santa Fe Railway while enjoying parades and concerts from coast to coast. They appeared at the San Diego Exposition, the dedication of Union Station in Los Angeles, the Railroad Fair in Chicago and President Eisenhower’s initial inaugural parade in Washington, D.C., among other events. Here they are seen at Williamson Avenue and Second Street during a 1950s Winslow Christmas parade. Felix Coin was the longtime director of the band. For more information on Winslow’s history visit www.oldtrailsmuseum.org.