May 042011

By Naomi Hatch —

During the construction of the Snowflake Fire Station, the back-up generator for emergency power was deleted for budgetary reasons.

Fire Chief Pat Hancock advised the town council April 26 that since that time staff has been tracking the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA), Surplus Property Management Office auctions for a suitable generator, and have located a 175 KW generator at a cost of $6,500.

He noted that back-up emergency power is needed because the fire station is designated as the emergency operation center (EOC) for the regional Incident Command System and they need to provide day-to-day operations during power loss.

Hancock explained that the EOC would serve as the command center for a significant emergency event, allowing for planning, logistics, operations, public information, safety and finance, and the generator would operate during power outages to provide power and communications capabilities.

Even in limited power outages during normal operations, back-up power is needed to provide operational readiness, including the ability to open bay doors, provide lighting, operation of the breathing air compressor, and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, along with communications.

Hancock said that staff members Will Wilson, Dale Call and Galen Hicks have looked at the generator and feel it is worth the money.

In response to a question posed by Mayor Kelly Willis, Hancock explained that there is a place outside where they could locate the generator off the ground to protect it from possible flooding,

Town Manager Paul Watson said that the money would come from the contingency fund, noting, “We not only will be under budget, but revenues we took in will actually be greater than our expenses this year, but not by much.”

In response to a question posed by Councilman Tom Poscharsky, Hancock explained that the diesel tanks will come later, but if they didn’t pick up the generator from State Surplus by April 29, it would go to auction.

Wilson added that they have a plan in place to move diesel to all facilities.

A motion to approve the purchase of the 175 KW generator from ADOA Surplus Property management Office for a price not to exceed $6,500 passed unanimously.

In other business, a motion to table discussion and approval of a special use permit for Aggregate Mining Operations passed unanimously.

The council unanimously approved a funding agreement with Navajo County for a Community Development Block Grant used to install an elevator at the academy building. Watson explained that Navajo County allocated $80,000 to the Snowflake Academy Building for installation of the elevator and at the end of their funding round, they had excess funds from other allocated projects in the amount of $67,783.48, which went toward the academy building, helping with the project. The agreement will be retroactive, thus resolving an oversight.