May 192011

By Tammy Gray-Searles–

Attendance rates are lower at Holbrook Junior High School and Holbrook High School than in the elementary schools in the district, according to reports recently submitted to the school board.

Park Elementary School had one of the highest attendance rates, but it declined as 2011 progressed. The overall attendance rate for January was 98.63 percent, compared to 98.69 percent in February, 91.72 percent in March and 91.85 percent in April. So far in May, attendance has recorded at 92.22 percent.

Current enrollment at Park School is 281 students, which includes 109 in kindergarten, 91 in first grade and 81 in second grade.

Indian Wells Elementary School attendance rates were only reported for the month of April. Overall attendance was 94 percent. That average includes 93 percent attendance in April for kindergarten, 94 percent for first grade, 96 percent for second grade, 95 percent for third grade, 93 percent for fourth grade, 96 percent for fifth grade and 95 percent for sixth grade.

There are a total of 432 students enrolled at IWES, including 56 preschool students.

At Hulet Elementary School, attendance has stayed fairly steady, with a 93.69 attendance rate in March, 93.68 percent in April and for the first week of May, 93.92 percent.

A total of 274 students are enrolled at Hulet School, including 46 in preschool, 91 in third grade, 79 in fourth grade and 104 in fifth grade. Most preschool students are not included in the attendance percentages since they are not included in the state attendance calculation.

HJHS has had a lower attendance rate than the elementary schools, with an average of 89.63 percent in March and 88.96 percent in April. In March, the sixth grade attendance rate was 92.73 percent, while seventh grade was 89.81 percent and eighth grade, 87.91 percent. In April, the rates were 93.78 percent for sixth, 90.22 percent for seventh and 85.34 percent for eighth.

Total enrollment at HJHS is 380 students. That includes 77 in sixth grade, 149 in seventh grade and 154 in eighth grade.

Attendance at HHS has dropped slightly since March. Overall, the school had 90 percent attendance in March, 89.09 percent in April and 88.99 percent through the first week of May.

Enrollment levels have also dropped off slightly. In March a total of 660 students were enrolled, in April it changed to 661, and by the first week of May, it dropped to 649. Principal Lance Phaturos noted, however, that some of the withdrawals were graduates.

Broken down by grade, as of early May, there were 160 students in ninth grade, 166 in 10th, 160 in 11th and 163 in 12th.