May 272011

By Sam Conner–

The Winslow City Council held three meetings on Tuesday. The first meeting was a special meeting and work session regarding subsidies, the budget and capital issues. Most of the discussion was regarding capital projects. City Manager Jim Ferguson said that the success of the Renaissance projects has been noticed by state and federal agencies, and that it has helped with other project proposals.

The regular council meeting followed with reports from Ferguson and Finance Director Regina Reffner. Ferguson reported on city activities. Reffner’s report on finance included reference to requested expenditures from the general fund for next year’s budget that would be $630,000 more than anticipated revenue. She said that department heads are being asked to review their budget requests to find ways to reduce them and balance this shortfall.

A four-item consent calendar was adopted approving the check register, minutes of previous meetings, the closure of Hicks Avenue between Second and Third streets and waiver of vendor fees for the eighth annual Fire Truck Tug, and closure of Old Route 66 on the west end past ADOT Lane for formation of a human Route 66 shield.

A liquor license extension of premises patio permit for PT’s Bar was approved.

A request from the On-Call Firefighters’ Association for assistance with a Fourth of July event and a request from the Chamber of Commerce for assistance for the Northeast Arizona Freedom Festival to be held on July 4 resulted in permission to use First Street for the celebration and block off streets going to First Street from Hicks to Kinsley avenues.

A contract for renewal of the phased retirement incentive with Smartworksplus Inc. was approved.

Change orders for the Renaissance 3 downtown street improvements were approved in the amount of $31,082.80. Councilwoman Marsha Juergens opposed the measure.

Proposed additional improvements on the north side of the Hipkoe and Third Street intersection in conjunction with the Renaissance 3 downtown street improvements project were approved in the amount of $45,866.

A resolution authorizing the city to enter an intergovernmental agreement with Navajo County for court collections and criminal justice services was withdrawn pending further negotiations.

A resolution approving and accepting the canvass of votes and election returns for the special May 17 election was adopted. The sales tax extension was approved 686-539.

An ordinance was adopted amending a section of the city code which dealt with correcting outdated and incorrect language.

An item regarding trash service vacation charge options resulted in much discussion, but no action.

There was no executive session to review the city manager’s performance and his contract will continue to be in effect.

After a plethora of calls to the public speakers, the council met as the Winslow Housing Authority Commission and heard a five-year plan presented by Public Housing Director Jesse Fernandez.