Jun 172011

By Naomi Hatch–

“I personally have done a lot of thinking about this and know that any of you could serve there and do very well,” said Snowflake Mayor Kelly Willis to members of the town council June 14. He then nominated Jason Whiting to serve as vice mayor.

Whiting seemed to be at a loss for words, but stated, “I appreciate the confidence you have in me and if that’s something you guys feel I’d do a good job at, I’d be happy to do it.”

“The reason I felt strongly about Jason is he’s been involved in many things, as all of you are, and he’s very dedicated and I feel he’ll serve very well,” said Mayor Willis.

There was no other discussion, and Whiting was unanimously elected to serve as vice mayor.

In other business, Town Manager Paul Watson reviewed committees and asked council members for representation on various committees.

Watson currently serves on the REAL Az Development Council, Snowflake-Taylor Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Silver Creek Senior Center Board of Directors and Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) Economic Development Committee.

Mayor Willis will represent Snowflake on the NACOG committee and Navajo/Apache County Mayors and Council Association.

Councilwoman Lorri Davis will represent the council on the chamber board, the Historic Review Committee and the Snowflake Heritage Foundation.

Councilman Chris Brimhall will serve on the Snowflake Community Values Committee along with Councilwoman Beverlee Kay, and will try to re-activate this committee.

Brimhall will also represent the council on the Snowflake Academy Foundation Board of Directors.

Kay will also serve on the Snowflake-Taylor Tourism Committee, and will coordinate a Neighborhood Watch with Police Chief Jerry VanWinkle.

Whiting has been asked to submit a letter of interest for the Northland Pioneer College Foundation Board of Directors, he is president of the Snowflake-Taylor Tourism Committee, on the board of the Snowflake Economic Development Council and previously served on the chamber board.

Councilman Tom Poscharsky will represent the council on the REAL Az Development Council.

Councilman Larry Matyas will represent the council on the senior center board.

Jason Whiting