Jun 172011

By Tammy Gray-Searles–

Members of the Navajo County Board of Supervisors divided up the remaining Local Transportation Assistance Funds (LTAF II) for the 2010-11 fiscal year, while making it known to legislators how critical the funds are for rural communities.

Senator Sylvia Allen, and Representatives Brenda Barton, Chester Crandell and Tom Chabin were present during the board meeting on Tuesday.

LTAF II funds are not going to be available in the upcoming fiscal year. Supervisor David Tenney explained that the money is used for fuel and maintenance costs for transportation for seniors, to help maintain dirt roads on the reservation and to support transportation systems like the Four Seasons bus line.

A total of $91,563 remained in the LTAF II accounts for supervisors to distribute among their districts.

In District I, a total of $21,027.58 remains. As long as requirements are met, a total of $2,327 will be given to Low Mountain Senior Center, $2,300 to Hardrock Senior Center, $3,600 to Chilchinbeto Chapter House, $3,600 to Black Mesa/Forest Lakes Chapter, $2,300 to Whippoorwill Chapter, $2,300 to Blue Gap/Tachee Chapter and $2,300 to Shonto Chapter.

In District II, a total of $20,739.57 remains in the fund. Of that total, $2,000 will be distributed to the Hopi Guidance Center and $8,000 to the Hopi Tribe Office of the Elderly.

In District III, a total of $5,884.75 remains. It will be divided equally between the Silver Creek Senior Center and the Holbrook Senior Center, with each receiving $2,942.35.

In District IV, a total of $18,974.48 is left in the fund. Show Low Senior Center Meals on Wheels will receive $5,000, Silver Creek Meals on Wheels will receive $2,500, Rim Country Senior Center will receive $6,381 and Four Seasons Connection will receive $5,093.48.

In District V, $24,936.76 remains. Show Low Senior Center Meals on Wheels will receive $5,000, Four Seasons Connection will receive $12,899.04 and White Mountain Connection will receive $7,037.72.