Jul 222011

By Linda Kor–

The Bucket of Blood Races, held July 9 as part of Holbrook’s Old West Days, drew a total of 38 runners in the half-marathon and 5K races. Overall winners included Melcomh Chee and Leilea Demuth for the half-marathon, and Shelley Adams and Scott Donaubauer for the 5K.

The top runners in the half-marathon included: Melcomh Chee, Holbrook, 1:32:59; Leilea Demuth, Holbrook, 1:43:13; Larissa Richards, Winslow, 1:48:44; MacKenzie Allen, Chandler, 1:49:20; Caleb McClellan, Holbrook, 2:00:00; Mark Hellenthal, Phoenix, 2:00:00; Tashia Bakurza, 2:05:00; Mike McClellan, Holbrook, 2:05:49; Rebekah McKeon, Phoenix, 2:06:04; Lisa Hilton, Gilbert, 2:07:14; Lisa Larson, Holbrook, 2:07:53; Kimberlee Henling, Winslow, 2:16:13; LeAnn Moss, 2:20:47; Crystal Murdock, Winslow, 2:45:00; and Tracy Hill, Chandler, DNF.

For the half-marathon, in the men’s 17 and younger division, first place went to Melcomh Chee, Holbrook, 1:32:59; and second to Caleb McClellan, Holbrook, 2:00:00.

In the women’s 18-39 division, first place went to Leilea Demuth, Holbrook, 1:43:13; second to Larissa Richards, Winslow, 1:48:44; and third to MacKenzie Allen, Chandler, 1:49:20

In the men’s 40-55 division, first place went to Mark Hellenthal, Phoenix, 2:00:00; and second to Mike McClellan, Holbrook, 2:05:49.

In the women’s 40-55 division, first place went to Tashia Bakurza, 2:05:00.

For the 5K, top runners included: Shelley Adams, 23:59; Scott Donaubauer, Flagstaff, 25:38; Tristan Colt, 26:07; Tanaya Wells, 27:11; Katie Eigel, Flagstaff, 27:24; Devin Hez, 28:04; Lishea Gishie, 28:06; Arviso Gishie, 28:39; Kiah Demuth, Holbrook, 28:45; Crystal Penrod, 29:08; Marlindea Kooyaquaptewa, 29:30; Ethan Iverson, Phoenix, 29:59; Jennie Layden, 31:06; Tyson Adams, 31:10; Mathew Layden, 31:28; Kara Iverson, Phoenix, 32:18; Leslie Iverson, Phoenix, 32:18; Sabrina Wyatt, Paradise Valley, 34:58; Gregory Lechminant, 41:20; Heather Lechminant, 41:36; and Alton Davis, 42:15.

In the men’s 17 and younger division, first place went to Devin Hez, 28:04; and second to Mathew Layden, 31:28.

In the women’s 17 and younger division, first place went to Tanaya Wells, with a time of 27:11; second to Kiah Demuth, Holbrook, 28:45; and third to Jennie Layden, 31:06.

In the men’s 18-39 division, first place went to Scott Donaubauer, Flagstaff, 25:38; second to Arviso Gishie, 28:39; and third to Ethan Iverson, Phoenix, 29:59.

In the women’s 18-39 division, first place went to Shelley Adams, 23:59; second to Katie Eigel, Flagstaff, 27:24; and third to Lishea Gishie, 28:06.

In the men’s 56 and older division, first place went to Tristan Colt, 26:07; and second place to Alton Davis, 42:15.

Photo by Linda Kor

Melcomh Chee of Holbrook took the lead early and went on to win the Bucket of Blood Races half-marathon with a time of 1:32:59. Chee runs an average of six miles a day to keep in shape.