Jul 222011

By Naomi Hatch–

“Due to the 2010 Census results, the county, as well as the nation, has to re-look at all the voting districts and adjust those so it’s ‘one person, one vote,’” Snowflake Town Manager Paul Watson advised the town council July 19.

Watson explained to the council that each member of the Navajo County Board of Supervisors has appointed an individual to a committee that has been holding meetings, and hired a consultant to assist in the process.

Council members noted that they felt that Snowflake and Taylor should be in the same district. The 2000 Census resulted in Snowflake being included in District 3 and Taylor in District 4.

A request to approve a resolution supporting the inclusion of Snowflake and Taylor as a “community of interests” was presented to the council for approval, along with two maps that put Snowflake and Taylor in the same district.

Watson and Councilman Tom Poscharsky explained that there is software available on Navajo County’s website that allows you to play with the boundaries based on the requirements that must be met as mandated by the Department of Justice, then submit your suggestion.

The Redistricting Committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday, July 26, to discuss input from public meetings that have been held and Poscharsky said he thought the council should consider approving the resolution prior to that meeting. Following that meeting will be another round of meetings to receive public input.

The council unanimously approved Resolution 11-559 supporting inclusion of Snowflake and Taylor as a “community of interests” in the same county district and include maps 04 and 08 for consideration by the redistricting committee and the Board of Supervisors.

The motion passed unanimously.

In other business July 19, the council:

* Unanimously approved an agreement with Navajo County for court collection and criminal justice services. Previousl,y Snowflake and Taylor each paid $15,000, with both going through the Snowflake Justice Court. The fee will now be $13,000 total.

* Unanimously approved a one-day liquor license for the White Mountain Submarine Veterans, who will hold a golf tournament to raise funds for charity. Buck Biddle, a submarine veteran, was present to answer questions and told the council there are 28 submarine veterans in the White Mountains and six in Snowflake.

* Approved the reappointment of Poscharsky and Kirk Brimhall to two-year terms on the Economic Development Committee, and the appointment of Rob Hatch, who will serve as a business representative on the committee, replacing Ken Whitt, whose term expired in June.