Aug 242011

By Greg Perkins–

Snowflake High School’s head girls’ soccer coach, Anna Brubaker currently has 36 players out for the team, with the varsity and junior varsity teams split evenly with 18 on each roster.

Seniors Sherika Petersen, Ashleigh Turley, Ty Craun, Michelle Boone, Alexis Bateman and Kitty Vislie lead the varsity squad. They are joined by juniors Lindsay Webb, Makenzie Wood, Rebekah Cox, Shelbi Rawlins, Kiana Natividad, Matti Scott, Gina Gamboa and Stephanie Swinhart. Sophomores Kylee Smith, Makala Hatch and Deanna Contreras round out the team.

Six juniors, five sophomores and seven freshmen make up the junior varsity team, which is coached by Sha Parry.

Assisting both coaches will be Kira Vowel and Teresa Abbott.

Snowflake will host Round Valley in a scrimmage match on Saturday, Aug. 27, then open the season on Saturday, Sept. 3, in Holbrook.