Aug 242011

By Sam Conner–

The Winslow Bulldogs hosted the Camp Verde Cowboys for a controlled football scrimmage last Friday at Emil Nasser Stadium. Both teams showed strengths and weaknesses, which should help their coaching staffs prepare for their season opening games on Friday, Aug. 26.

No scores were kept in the scrimmage, during which each team was allowed to start a drive on its own 40 yard line and run 20 plays. If the team failed to make a first down or lost the ball on an interception or a fumble, it returned to the starting point and continued until 20 plays had been run. If a team scored, it went back to the 40 yard line and started another drive for whatever remained of the allotted plays. The other team then got the ball and an opportunity to run 20 plays. This procedure was repeated until each team had executed all of its allowed plays in the entire scrimmage.

Camp Verde got into the Winslow end zone twice and displayed some strength on offense, especially a large and mobile quarterback with a strong arm. Winslow got into the end zone once on a play that was negated by a penalty and was twice inside the 10 yard line when the Bulldogs ran out of their number of plays, including on the final play of the scrimmage.

The Bulldogs made some good runs, their quarterback made some impressive passes, and several receivers ran good routes and made nice receptions. Some of the defensive backs made nice plays and both teams seemed to have fairly strong defensive lines.

Coaches were on the field with the players, and thus were able to give instant advice and constructive criticism. This is probably one of the main values of a controlled scrimmage. No doubt, coaches of both teams will use what they saw in the controlled scrimmage to make adjustments during practice this week to prepare for their season opener.

Winslow will open the 2012 season against the Sedona Scorpions on Friday, with kickoff slated for 7 p.m. at Emil Nasser Stadium. Camp Verde will also open its season at home on Friday against the formidable Scottsdale Christian Eagles.