Aug 262011

By Teri Walker–


Citing planning for the continuity of future city management, the increase in demands prompted by city growth and rewarding good work, Holbrook City Manager Ray Alley secured the city council’s approval Tuesday evening to add the position of assistant city manager to the city’s job classification plan so he could promote Finance Director Randy Sullivan into the job.

“In the two years I’ve worked with Randy, he has completely fulfilled every dream I could have asked for in a finance director,” said Alley.

Alley said the reclassification does not equate to a new position, as Sullivan will still be the city’s finance director. The council action included approval of a job description for the title of assistant city manager, which calls for the incumbent to perform high-level administrative, technical and professional work in directing and supervising the administration of city government, working under the supervision of the city manager, and acting in Alley’s stead when he isn’t present.

Vice Mayor Charles Haussman asked Alley to explain why he was proposing the promotion and reclassification at this time.

Alley replied that Sullivan has already assumed many of the duties of an assistant city manager, providing support to Alley beyond his role as finance director.

He also said with potential potash mining development on the horizon, along with all of the development and redevelopment already underway in Holbrook, the workload of city management is increasing.

“With what I believe is coming for infrastructure improvements, planning, economic development, and the permitting, improving water lines and everything else that comes along with growth, we need to get our house in order,” said Alley.

“I want us to be ready. When those potash families come in, I want them to come to Holbrook, not Snowflake or Show Low,” he continued.

Alley pointed out that he functions as city manager, public works director and airport manager, and said with a smaller city staff, many employees are wearing multiple hats. Sullivan, he said, will now officially carry both the finance director and assistant city manager titles.

Haussman asked if there was efficiency in having Alley function as the public works director in addition to his duties as city manager.

“We’re not adding positions. I’m making a good dent in the public works program. I have no intention of filling the public works director position. I can continue to do this,” said Alley.

The starting pay for the assistant city manager position will be about $68,000.