Sep 282011

The fall sports season is in full swing at Indian Wells Elementary School. As the school continues to grow, the sports teams are growing as well. This year the volleyball and football team were split into two teams each, giving everyone a chance to play a lot.

The volleyball teams are halfway through their season, and have competed strong throughout all their games. Returning players have good game experience, and the newcomers are getting better each day. Twyla Clark and Shanti Smith are the experienced leaders on the team. Tyler Pacheco transferred to the school and is a great addition to the team. The young players coming up already have a lot of athletic skill. Sevanah Bitahy and Ariah Secody have first-rate volleyball skills and have transitioned smoothly into the team. With both teams being very competitive, Indian Wells has a good shot to finish near the top in the volleyball finals.

The football team just started the season. Because of the large number of students interested in playing, IWES now has two teams instead of one. Both are getting used to the adjustment of being split and have responded well. Mr. Allen coaches one team and Mr. Hunt, the other. Key returning players are Jarek Joseph, Jared Woody and last year’s MVP, Cody Wilson, who is coming back from an injury. New players like Blayne Nelson, Allison Begay, Eric Gene and Tyler Paul are proving to be big impact players.

The cross country team is as strong as ever. Hampton Olney, Diyanii Yazzie and Theron Olney are the workhorses for the boys’ team. Tristan Ambrose, Tamika Begay, Erykah Tsosie and Taschina Nelson finish in the top 10 in every meet. There are four meets left, with Indian Wells slated to hold its home meet on Oct. 5. Both the boys and girls junior varsity teams have not lost a meet to date. The new Pee Wee addition has been a positive experience for everyone involved. Damien Clark has finished at the top in each race and shows potential to be a strong runner in years to come.

Photo courtesy of Indian Wells Elementary School

The Indian Wells Elementary School volleyball team includes (front row) Amber Paul, Sanaa Bob, Julia Dale, Nesha Fowler, Kendra Henry, (back row) Madison Begay, Veronica Manuel, OraShelia Altsisi, Anya Begaye, Alanna Hayes and Valentina Yazzie.