Sep 282011

By Naomi Hatch–

“Lot’s of people go out there shooting and it’s trashy,” said Taylor Mayor Fay Hatch, expressing concern about wildcat dumping on land off Pinedale Road just outside the Taylor town limits.

“I don’t know what it would take to stop it,” said the mayor, who noted that most of it is Forest Service land and he would rather not get them involved for fear that they would close the forest.

“It flooded two years ago,” said Mayor Hatch. The area was cleaned up because the flood washed all the garbage down further, but in the subsequent two years there has been an abundance of dumping. The mayor said he has noticed that the further from Taylor you get, the less trash is dumped.

The Town of Taylor started the annual town cleanup in part because of the dumping out there, but dumping has continued.

“Some trash could be traced, but it would take checking it frequently,” said the mayor, who asked that citizens be vigilant in watching for trucks loaded with refrigerators, couches and other items, and to call the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department at 536-7500 when they see anything suspicious.

Photo by Naomi Hatch

Taylor Mayor Fay Hatch and his grandson, Parker Sherwood, visit an area near Taylor that has become a favorite spot for wildcat dumping. The mayor asks area residents to be on the lookout for wildcat dumpers and to report them to police.