Sep 282011

By Sam Conner–

Winslow City Manager Jim Ferguson said last week that there has been no decision yet on the building of a private prison in Winslow or one of the other sites for which proposals were made. He said that the information given earlier was that the decision would be reached sometime after Sept. 16. There was no indication as to how soon after that date a decision would be announced.

“LaSalle Corrections had a good presentation here and to the Arizona Department of Corrections,” Ferguson noted.

In another development of interest, Ferguson said that he had met with the Silver Creek Regional Humane Society representatives, and was expecting a proposal from them soon to share use of and operation of the Animal Care facility. The agreement is expected to set up provisions where the city continues some animal control activities and turns others over to the Humane Society.

Asked about the possibility of a traffic signal at the Berry Avenue and Hillview Street intersection, Ferguson said that he was aware that the area did have concerns and fairly high traffic, but that a study would have to be conducted before a traffic signal could be considered.

He said that studies would be conducted to see how much traffic there is at the intersection, and how much is north to south and south to north or east to west and west to east. Also to be determined is how much of the traffic turns, and from which direction to what direction. That information would make it easier to determine if there is a need for a traffic signal.

Ferguson noted that he thought one of the problems may be that drivers do not understand how traffic should move at an area such as this one with a four-way stop.

In yet another issue regarding traffic signs and signals, Ferguson said that beginning on Oct. 1, the city will start enforcing regulations which prohibit the placing of private signs on traffic signs or which make such signs difficult to see.

He said that people really should restrict placing signs to private property, although some signs in the public right-of-way may be permissible. He suggested that persons wishing to place signs in the public right-of-way or anywhere else should call the city’s planning department at 289-3204.