Oct 052011

By Teri Walker —

A Republican presidential candidate debate will take place in Arizona in December and will be televised globally, Governor Jan Brewer announced late last week.

The Arizona Republican Party and CNN are partnering on the debate production, which will be aired at 6 p.m. local time (8 p.m. ET) on Thursday, Dec. 1.

“I’ve been in politics a long time, but I can’t remember a more critical election than this,” said Brewer.

Saying Arizona is at the forefront of dealing with issues of national concern such as illegal immigration, the housing crisis, and the “ongoing power struggle” between states and the federal government, Brewer continued, “These are national issues, certainly. But Arizonans live and breathe them.”

The debate will air live from Arizona, although venue and ticket information have not yet been released. The program will air on CNN’s flagship station, and also on CNN International, CNN en Espanol and CNN Radio.

“Arizona is a key state that will play a pivotal role in helping Republicans choose their presidential nominee,” said Sam Feist, CNN Washington bureau chief and senior vice president. “CNN is honored to provide voters in Arizona and around the country an opportunity to hear the GOP candidates present their vision for the future.”

Brewer said the state will not incur any costs related to the production of the event.