Dec 162011

By Linda Kor–

Navajo County Manager Jimmy Jayne was praised by members of the Board of Supervisors on Dec. 13 and awarded the continuance of his employment contract with the county.

The only changes noted in the contract were to the length of the contract and the terms of resignation. The previous agreement stated that Jayne’s employment contract was valid for two years, with the board having the option to renew the contract each year. In addition, the agreement included a 90-day notice to be provided to the board if he should resign his position. The current contract states that the agreement will remain in effect unless Jayne is terminated or resigns, in which case he would only need to provide the board with a 30-day notice.

“I love this job and have no intention of resigning, but if circumstances should arise, I think that it would be more reasonable to a future employer to allow for 30-day notification,” stated Jayne.

Jayne’s salary will remain the same with a base pay of $148,118 and a vehicle stipend of $850 per month, or $10,200 annually. Jayne will continue to have the 2.5 percent reduction in base salary imposed on all employees. That decrease totals $3,703, and leaves Jayne with an annual base salary of $144,415, or a total of $154,615 with the vehicle stipend. A monthly phone stipend of $112 noted in the previous contract was discontinued in June.

Each of the supervisors made positive comments regarding Jayne’s job performance and expressed appreciation for his service to the county, but no formal evaluation took place.

The board also approved the following board committee appointments: Adapted Management Oversight Committee (AMOC), Jerry Brownlow; Arizona Association of Counties (AACo), J.R. DeSpain; Arizona Meth Project Advisory Committee, Jesse Thompson; Cooperative Extension Board, Juanita Waits and J.R. DeSpain; CSA Legislative Policy Committee, David Tenney; Eastern Arizona Counties (EECo and ECO), David Tenney; Four Forest Restoration Inititiative (4-FRI) Stakeholders, David Tenney; 4 Corners Enterprise Community, Jonathan M. Nez; Little Colorado River Resource Conservation District, J.R. DeSpain and Hunter Moore (alternate);

Board of Directors of the Little Colorado River Watershed Coordinating Council, Hunter Moore; Multi-Party Monitoring Board, Jerry Brownlow; National Association of Counties (NACo) Board of Directors, David Tenney; NACo Community and Economic Development Steering Committee, Jonathan M. Nez; NACo Finance and Intergovernmental Affairs Steering Committee, Jesse Thompson; NACo Agriculture and Rural Affairs Steering Committee, J.R. DeSpain; NACo Public Lands Steering Committee, Jerry Brownlow and David Tenney; NACo vice chair of Subcommittee on County and Tribal Government Relations of the Finance and Intergovernmental Affairs Steering Committee, Jesse Thompson;

Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG), J.R. DeSpain and Jonathan M. Nez; NACOG TPAC tribal government representative, Jesse Thompson and Jonathan M. Nez; NACOG EDC Tourism Committee, Hunter Moore; Natural Resources Working Group, David Tenney, Jerry Brownlow and Hunter Moore; Navajo County Workforce Investment Board, Homero Vela; North Region Homeland Security, K.C. Clark and J.R. DeSpain; Public Safety Public Retirement System, J.R. DeSpain; REAL Az Corridor, David Tenney, Hunter Moore and J.R. DeSpain; Silver Creek Watershed Alliance, David Tenney and J.R. DeSpain; Statewide Water Advisory Group, J.R. DeSpain and Hunter Moore; Tri-State County Elected Officials, Jesse Thompson and Jonathan M. Nez; White Mountain Regional Transportation Committee, Jerry Brownlow; and White Mountain Partnership, Hunter Moore.

In other action Dec. 13, the board:

* Approved the award of bond contract services to the firms of Gust Rosenfeld and Greenberg Traurig, with fees to be based on scope of bid in the event that a bond is issued in the future.

* Approved the award of bond underwriting services to the firms of Stone Youngberg and Wedbush, with fees to be based on scope of bid in the event that a bond is issued in the future.

* Approved an amendment to an intergovernmental agreement between the Navajo County Health Services District and the Arizona Department of Health Services reducing the cost of travel by $1,712 and increasing operating costs by that same amount.

* Approved renewal of a professional services agreement with nurse practitioner Debra Smalley for family planning services. The renewal includes an increase in the contracted amount from $1,284 to $1,500 per month due to an increase in services and mileage.

* Approved renewal of a professional services agreement with registered nurse Mauriah Walker, with the funding to come from a different grant contract.

* Approved an amendment to the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program Contract, amending the types of activities the program will report on throughout the year.