Dec 212011

By Naomi Hatch–

The Silver Creek Senior Citizens Center is seeking volunteers to deliver Meals-on-Wheels and to help in the thrift store.

“We’re serving two communities and can’t get volunteers,” said Myrt Williams, a member of the board, noting that this leaves the bulk of such tasks to the board members.

In an interview with Williams and Delma Kartchner, they reported that if there are not volunteers to deliver Meals-on-Wheels, the cooks have to deliver.

“There is no way we could do this without volunteers,” said Kartchner.

Williams explained that several senior citizens are driven to the center for lunch and the activities that follow, as well as to doctor’s appointments, to pick up prescriptions and to shop.

The majority of costs of such services are now borne by the center due to the economy and cutbacks by the state. In the past, the towns of Taylor and Snowflake gave the center Local Transportation Assistant Funds II, lottery proceeds designated to assist transit and mobility efforts in Arizona. Due to state budget cuts, the program was eliminated in 2010 and the remaining funds were split up. Both towns have cut back on funding to the Senior Center due to the economy.

If you are interested in volunteering to deliver meals-on-wheels or to help at the thrift store, call the center at 536-2222.

The Senior Center also provides a place to meet with friends, play games and visit. Christmas entertainment has been provided on Thursdays and food boxes are available monthly.

Dr. Don Shumway will do foot care at no cost to seniors from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Photo by Naomi Hatch

The Silver Creek Senior Center is decorated for Christmas and serving lunch to many Snowflake and Taylor senior citizens Monday through Friday.