Dec 212011

By Linda Kor–

Holbrook School District Governing Board President Linda Yazzie and Vice President Olivia Jaquez were unanimously re-elected on Dec. 13.

Superintendent Dr. Robbie Koerperich informed the board that the installation of the new heating and cooling units at Holbrook High School, Holbrook Junior High School, and Park and Hulet elementary schools is proceeding as planned.

It was discovered at the beginning of November that 31 of the units at those schools were in need of replacement, leaving many classrooms to be heated with space heaters. As a result, four rooftop units at Park School that are in working condition will be moved to and installed at HHS, with the remaining 27 new units to be installed as ground units throughout the other schools. The project should be completed by the time students return to school in January if there are no delays in shipping the units.

As part of that project, the district needed to secure certified architectural services in the event that any concerns arise throughout the installation of the new heating and cooling units at the schools. Koerperich noted that service of that nature could have the potential to exceed the $5,000 bid limit depending on the complexity of the work performed, as well as any installation issues that arise for roof mounted units to comply with state statute for roof inspections. As a result of the potential cost, the item would need to go before the board for approval, delaying the project timeframe.

With the information presented, the board approved the services of Loren Sadler, a Winslow-based certified architect, who will be able to respond to any immediate needs throughout the installation process and certify all architectural services.

In other business, the board heard a presentation by Kathleen Mendes on the 4-H Mentoring Program to be implemented at Hulet School. The Arizona Cooperative Extension, Youth and Families with Promise 4-H Mentoring Program will be offering the program for students in grades three through five. The after school mentoring program would be coordinated by Mendes, in cooperation with Hulet School Principal Mike McClellan.

“I see a lot of kids wandering around the school after hours with no place to go, even Hulet kids. Many of their parents work until 5 p.m. or later, so this would give them some place to go,” explained McClellan, who added that the one downfall of the program would be that no bussing would be available for the students taking part in it.

Students will be selected to participate in the program based on teacher recommendation. To date, 22 students have been recommended by McClellan, who would like to see up to 40 students in the program.

The mentoring of the students will be done by HHS students under the supervision of Mendes. “I have received 72 applications from the high school students, with 50 of those truly committed to helping those students,” stated Mendes. She explained that the program would consist of approximately one hour of tutoring, followed by a half an hour to an hour of activities.

The board supported the endeavor, which will be implemented after the first of the year.

In other action Dec. 13, the board:

* Approved for a final reading of the policy revisions pertaining to salary deductions.

* Approved revisions to the 2012 budget. A public hearing on both the budget revisions and use of the Holbrook School District Maintenance and Operations override was held with no public response.

* Approved a change in the January governing board meeting date to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17, in order to accommodate winter break.

* Authorized the application for E-Rate grant funding from the federal government for technology infrastructure, Internet services and telephone services. The district’s E-Rate application would include reimbursement for all telephone services and Internet services, as well as applying for infrastructure upgrades at all schools, including upgrades for servers. The grant requires the district to assume associated costs based on the poverty rates at each school in which the work is being performed.

* Approved a leave of absence for computer services technician Anthony Aragon, as he is being deployed by the Army National Guard.

In addition, the board approved advertising for a part-time computer technician that will transition into a temporary full-time position once Aragon is deployed.

* Approved all current supplemental literature used in the HHS English Department.

* Approved a 60-day review of supplemental literature, including “My Freshman” by Rebekah Nathan; “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld, “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins and “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo. These supplemental literature books will be used via Kindles in the English courses at HHS. The estimated cost for all supplemental material is $240.

* Approved the pilot course Introduction to Theatre Tech to begin the second semester of this school year at HHS.

* Approved the support staff hiring of Lucindia Baloo, Park and Hulet elementary schools custodian; John Chee Jr. and Lena Mae Begay, bus drivers; Torrie Chavez, substitute daycare; Lelia Demuth, HHS game help/Running Club sponsor; Linda Crumrine, HJHS game official; Ashley DeMaria, Indian Wells Elementary School special needs assistant; Don Tyler, HHS assistant boys’ basketball coach; and Andreanna Clark, IWES substitute bus driver.

* Approved extra duty for Cary Simpson as HJHS head boys’ basketball coach; Keith Wheeler, HJHS assistant girls’ basketball coach; Chris Obren, HJHS head girls’ basketball coach; Aaron Barba, HJHS assistant wrestling coach; Beth Baloo, Dennis Pelty, Brian McMahon, Bill Stewart, Daphne Lamb, Keith Wheeler and Erin Cuniffe, HJHS Schoolwide Plan; Terri Lester, IWES assistant girls’ basketball coach; Saraphina Benally and Cheryl Carlson, HHS game help; Terry Lester, IWES game help/official; Stacey Nowell, HHS Intervention Assistance Team; Richard Gorman, HJHS assistant boys’ basketball coach; Gail McKeller, Hulet Student Assistance Team; and Teri Tafoya, Peggy Redmon, Linda McMahon, Dana Hendrix, Daphne Lamb, LouAnn McLaws, Annie Heathman, Beth Baloo, Andrea McDonald, Robin Stradling and Erin Cunnife, HJHS Project Skilz.

* Approved Brooke Nowell as an HHS Spiritline volunteer.

* Approved gifts and donations totaling $954.08.

* Approved professional leave for Robbie Koerperich, Phoenix, Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) annual conference, Dec. 14-16, at an estimated cost of $924, plus a district vehicle; Robbie Koerperich, Phoenix, Title I Committee of Practitioners, Jan. 13, at an estimated cost of $185; Robbie Koerperich, Scottsdale, Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) Objective Review Conference, Dec. 6, at an estimated cost of $54, plus a district vehicle; Robbie Koerperich, Phoenix, The Risk Trust Hearing Officer Training, Jan. 19, at an estimated cost of $185, plus a district vehicle; Charles Gover, Dennis Pelty, Tanya Phaturos and Annie Heathman, Phoenix, The Heart of Middle Schools, Dec. 5, at an estimated cost of $1,125, plus a district vehicle; Charles Haussman, Dale Larsen, Ginny Novell and Susan Nafziger, Snowflake, Northland Pioneer College Dual Enrollment, Nov. 29, at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle; Charles Gover and Tanya Phaturos, Phoenix, Creating, Enhancing and Empowering 21st Century Schools, Nov. 29, Jan. 24 and Feb. 14, at an estimated cost of $608, plus a district vehicle; Lona Haussman and Stephanie Bifano, Snowflake, Public Health and School Nurse Networking Meeting, Dec. 1, at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle; Karalyn Reidhead and Joy Burroughs, Orem, Utah, National Science Foundation Grant Champion, SOAR (Success with support, Online learning, Academic achievement and Realization), Dec. 7 and 8, at an estimated cost of $1,000 paid out of the SOAR grant; and Tanya Phaturos, Erin Cuniffe, Annie Heathman, Charlie Gover, Nichole Lozano, Linda McMahon and Connie Gover, Phoenix, Multi-Tier Behavior Support Training for K-8 Schools, Dec. 9 and 10, at an estimated cost of $6,587. plus a district vehicle.

* Approved vouchers, and expense and revolving fund vouchers in the amount of $1,500,920.66.

* Approved the following fundraisers: Class of 2015 to sell candy grams from Dec.12-16, estimated earnings will be $100; IWES Student Council, Christmas Bazaar, Dec. 21, estimated earnings will be $150; IWES Student Council, boys’ and girls’ basketball tournament, Jan. 27 and 28, estimated earnings will be $400; HJHS Band, February, sell coupons for businesses and/or restaurants in Holbrook, Show Low and Flagstaff in February, estimated earnings will be $1,500; and HHS Wrestlerettes, students can buy a Roadrunner and write a good luck wish to their favorite wrestler from December through January, estimated earnings will be $150.