Dec 232011

By Teri Walker–

The Joseph City School District Governing Board closed out 2011 with new employee appointments.

During the regular December meeting of the governing board, members voted to approve hiring Rachele Baldwin as a music accompanist.

The board also approved the appointment of Julie Fields as Joseph City Junior High School girls’ basketball coach. Brit Ferguson was appointed the JCJHS boys’ basketball coach, while Rob Tuckfield was named the JCJHS assistant wrestling coach. Andy Pierce was named a student auditorium worker.

A number of individuals were approved as sports volunteers for the 2012 fiscal year, including: Kevin Crosby, assisting with Joseph City High School wrestling; Tonya Crosby, JCHS girls’ basketball; Amber Ferguson, JCJHS boys’ basketball; and Boyce Hunt, JCJHS girls’ basketball.

The board met in executive session to conduct the annual evaluation of Superintendent Robert Klein and emerged to say the evaluation had been approved, but did not offer any commentary on the content of Klein’s evaluation.

Klein was to be evaluated on his proficiency in such areas as keeping informed of modern educational practices; administering the development, coordination, and maintenance and evaluation of the educational program; keeping the public informed about modern education practices, educational trends and problems in the school; and management of all district activities, including financial, student transportation, use of buildings and grounds, facility maintenance and construction, and record keeping.

He also was to be evaluated on his interaction with the governing board, including such things as taking prompt action to implement all directives of the board, advising the board on the need for new or revised policies, providing timely advice to the board on the implication of changes in statutes or regulations affecting education, and acting as chief public relations agent for the district.

Finally, the board was to evaluate Klein’s effectiveness in dealing with personnel items, including recommending all promotions, demotions and salary changes to the board; ensuring that all employees are evaluated in accordance with the board’s established schedule; and recommending the appointment or dismissal of all employees of the district, among other items.

The next meeting of the governing board will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 11, in the district office boardroom at 8176 N. Westover St.