Dec 302011

By Linda Kor–

Dusty Parsons received praise from fellow county employees, as well as the Board of Supervisors, for his hard work and dedication as he officially retires from his position at Navajo County this month.

Parsons has served the county for 18 years in the capacity of director for emergency management, director of public works and most recently as assistant county manager, a position he has held since 2008.

Parsons held a seat on the Workforce Investment Advisory Board for Navajo/Apache County and currently sits on the Northland Pioneer College Governing Board representing District 4. He was also a member of the American Public Works Association for 28 years.

“We made a great team. We never had an argument, it always just worked,” stated County Manager Jimmy Jayne at the Dec. 27 board meeting regarding his relationship with Parsons.

An avid sportsman and gardener, Parsons has been actively involved in conservation issues at the local and state level.

“Dusty truly does care, and made a commitment to this county and the people,” noted Sheriff K.C. Clark.

That sentiment was echoed by each of the supervisors as they presented Parsons with gifts and thanked him for his service.

Parsons’ wife, Cynthia, noted that while she had hoped they would spend his retirement years fishing at lakes throughout the country, her husband has other plans that may keep them in the area for a few more years. Parsons also indicated at the meeting that he has opened his own consulting firm.

Public Works Director Homero Vela will fill the position of interim assistant county manager until the position can be filled permanently.

Photo by Linda Kor

Navajo County Manager Jimmy Jayne (left) presents retiring Assistant County Manager Dusty Parsons with a Navajo pot as a token of appreciation for his dedicated service to the county as Parsons’ wife Cynthia looks on.