Jan 252012

By Teri Walker —

During its first meeting of the year, the Holbrook Planning and Zoning Commission voted on Jan. 19 to reappoint Matthew Barger as commission chairman, and Mike Sample as vice chairman for another year.

Barger has served on the commission since 1996. Sample was appointed to the commission in 2000. Both Barger and Sample have served as chairman and vice chairman in previous terms.

In other business, the commission approved a request by Holbrook resident and City Councilman Wade Carlisle to join his property to an adjacent parcel he recently purchased, and to designate the dwelling on the new parcel a guesthouse.

Carlisle said he intends to eventually connect the two dwellings with a garage, but presently the newly acquired dwelling will serve as a guesthouse and laundry room.

The commission provided Carlisle with a conditional use permit, which will be reviewed annually. City zoning requirements do not allow more than one dwelling on a parcel.