Feb 012012

Due to an unexpected medical emergency, the staff of NAOMI House is in need of volunteer help.

For 17 years, Linda Russell, the founder and director of NAOMI House, has been providing food, shelter and care for Native American children at a residential facility located just west of Joseph City, but an emergency medical condition has rendered her unable to care for her charges.

The NAOMI House is in need of volunteers immediately to assist its small staff in caring for the children they serve.

Volunteers are needed to arrive at 3 p.m. daily to prepare evening meals for the center. The food is provided and clean up is not required.

The center would welcome volunteers to either wash clothes on site or take the laundry home or to a laundromat. Cleaning services are also needed.

Children require help with their homework between 4 and 5 p.m. each school day, and drivers are needed to transport the kids to school and activities. (A valid driver’s license is required.)

On Saturdays, volunteers are needed to play with and supervise the children.

Interested individuals should call Phyllis Dixon at (928) 300-1874.