Feb 222012

By Naomi Hatch —

The Snowflake Town Council approved a variance last week requested by Troy Flake that will allow him to construct an attached garage at his home at 45 N. Second St. West.

Information presented at the Jan. 24 council meeting showed that the measurements used by Flake to apply for the variance were incorrect and the item was tabled.

Flake presented information from a survey at Feb. 14 council meeting that showed he had an additional 2’3” for the proposed garage.

At the Jan. 24, meeting Flake was asked by the council to provide a layout of the proposed garage so that council members could visit and observe the actual on-site conditions.

The council further requested that the information be presented to the Snowflake Planning and Zoning Commission again, which was done Feb. 7.

Zoning Administrator Dale Call discussed the issue with Town Engineer Rob Emmett using the new information, and again staff recommended that the council not approve the variance.

Commission members stated that they visited the site and observed conditions as laid out, and expressed the following concerns: the virtual complete encroachment of the property setbacks; the remaining distance between the proposed garage and the existing sidewalk; the fact that the property lines were only assumed, no survey or pins showed accurate lot lines; establishing a precedent of allowing a variance to approach the set-backs, encouraging others to exceed code requirements; the conditions seemed to be self-imposed, other people live without a garage; the adjacent property to the north appeared to have followed the setbacks in town code; and the property to the south was constructed prior to adoption of the zoning code.

Councilman Tom Poscharsky moved to allow construction of a garage up to the property line, eliminating the 20′ setback, noting the following: a safety issue not created because of the wide width of street; the 100’ right of way allows substantial distance from the street to the property line; the area lends itself to the project because of the number of buildings that currently encroach setbacks, thus showing consistency; two of the homes on the block treat the west side of property as the side yard; and there are no issues with utilities. The motion stipulated that the owner can build (including overhangs) up to the property line, and the owner will not park on the sidewalk.

In other action Feb. 14, the council:

* Awarded a contract not to exceed $11,821.25 to Hatch Construction for the purchase of approximately 965 tons of bedding and shading material for the wastewater treatment plant effluent line project. This will be paid from the utility fund sewer expense budget.

The town is in the process of relocating the effluent from the wastewater treatment plant to Cottonwood Wash, and in order to discharge the effluent into the wash, a pipeline must be installed from the existing chlorine contact chamber within the treatment plant. This will require bedding material around the pipe. Staff is nearing the construction stage.

Bids were received from Brimhall Sand and Rock for $16 per ton, Perkins Cinder for $20 per ton and Hatch Construction for $12.25 per ton.

* Awarded a $15,515.84 contract to Perkins Precast for the fabrication, delivery, placement and vacuum testing of seven manholes for the wastewater treatment plant effluent line project. This project is part of the relocation plan of effluent from the wastewater treatment plant to Cottonwood Wash and will consist of approximately 2,500’ of 15” sewer pipe and within that, seven manholes must be installed. This will be paid from the utility fund sewer expense budget.

Perkins Precast of Show Low bid $2,092.86 per manhole and Olson Precast of Arizona, located in Phoenix, bid $2,195 per manhole.

* Approved Hinton Burdick, CPA’s proposal of $11,875 plus a single audit fee of $1,750 to perform the audit for fiscal year 2011-12.

The town will be required to have a single audit this year because it will probably spend more than $500,000 in federally awarded funds.

The other bid was from Alyx Cohan, CPA, P.C., for $17,500 to $22,000 with a single audit fee.