Feb 222012

By Sam Conner —

The Winslow City Council held a special meeting Feb. 15 to award bids and provide payment for four projects.

First the council awarded a contract for replacement of HVAC equipment at city hall and the public library. The $46,463 contract was awarded to C.O. Boyer Metal Company of Flagstaff, and is reimbursable from grant funds.

The next contract was awarded for drilling a new well in the city well field. It went to Drill Tech Inc. for $523,050. Drill Tech was actually the second lowest bidder, but the company that had a lower bid asked to be allowed to withdraw its bid because of major errors in its proposal.

Next the council provided the city’s 10 percent matching funds of $15,589 for C&S Engineering for engineering, design and bidding services pertaining to a runway reconstruction at the airport. Most of the cost of the project will come from a Federal Aviation Administration grant.

The council provided matching funds of $6,894 for C&S Engineering’s work on the airport perimeter fencing project, most of which will also be paid for by an FAA grant.

Finally, the council voted to proclaim February as African-American History Month in Winslow.