Mar 022012

Photo courtesy of the Navajo County Historical Society —

Saundra Streckline of Colorado was the first visitor to try out the Navajo County Historical Society’s new feature at the museum in the historic courthouse in downtown Holbrook, a sandbox of pottery sherds. The concept is to allow visitors to discover sherds and identify them, and, most importantly, to learn why it is important not to remove a sherd discovered out in the field. Once removed from its natural environment, a sherd loses its research value and importance in archaeology. The sherds being used in the sandbox have been collected over the years from throughout the area and were donated to the museum, where they are being used as a teaching tool. This exhibit was made possible with the assistance of Darlene Brinkerhoff of Holbrook and a Northern Arizona University archeology team. Buddy and Sheri DuPee of Holbrook put the sandbox together.