Mar 282012

By Sam Conner —

Washington School Principal John Summerville recognized Celeste Hartnett at the March 21 Winslow School District Governing Board meeting for her actions in saving the life of a student. She had used the Heimlich maneuver to keep a student from choking.

The board acted upon Arizona School Boards Association policy advisories as the only item of old business. Five policy advisories were adopted to comply with state law. One was rejected, as it had been cited by Superintendent Doug Watson in a previous meeting as possibly conflicting with the best interest of students.

The board approved the hiring of Tom Breeze as assistant wrestling coach at the high school, Denise Durnez as special education high needs aide at the high school, Anthony Hill as a substitute teacher, Ted Pate as track coach at the junior high school, Irvin Yazzie as grounds worker and a list of rehires the board members had received before the meeting.

Resignations or retirements were accepted from third grade teacher Allyson Fraser and second grade teacher Benda Mitchell at Jefferson School; special education teacher Stephanie Hallmark and sixth grade teacher Dora Bosley at Washington School; physical education teacher Chris Greer and computer teacher Laura Greer at the junior high school; vocal and drama teacher Kaye Ricks and band teacher Tayna Seamons, at both the high and junior high schools; classroom aide Virginia Hatch at Bonnie Brennan School and Winslow Junior High School Principal Jim MacLean.

The board approved the donation of $83 to Jefferson School and $160 to Jefferson School from Arizona Restaurant Systems, Inc., for Sonic Night and the donation of the children’s book The Adventures of Chester Book Four, Chester Defeats the Lake Powell Monster by Alice Graham.

The board approved out of state travel for employees to a coaching clinic at El Rancho, N.M., on April 13 and 14.

A new position of secretary to the business manager was approved, as was the description of the position. It was noted that an increase in work to comply with state and federal mandates created the need for this position.

A new teacher evaluation form, which was needed to comply with state law, was approved. This is the first such evaluation implement which must base 50 percent of the evaluation on student performance.

Winslow Junior High School Principal Jim MacLean gave a report on the school’s curriculum with the reading teachers at the school all involved in the presentation. The report was well-received and based on the goal of making all students develop into life-long readers.

During the call to the public, High School Principal Chris Gilmore spoke of the hard work the students and staff had been doing with testing, and congratulated the Speech and Drama Team for its success at the state competition. Winslow had four state champions under coaches Sarah Smithson and Marianne Richardson.