Mar 282012

By Greg Perkins —

The Snowflake boys’ track team captured another team title, this time at the Safford Invitational meet held last Thursday. The Lobos piled up 221 team points, easily winning over second place Empire with 85 and Morenci in third with 85. The Lady Lobos placed second as a team with 110 points. Safford won the girls’ title with 146.5. Benson placed third with 83. Seventeen teams competed at the meet.

In the boys’ 100 meter dash, Tyler Johnson placed first with a time of 11.19; Chandler Brown, fifth in 11.80; and Garret Hunt, seventh in 11.95.

In the 200 meter dash, Tyler Johnson placed first in 23.09; Chandler Brown, third in 23.69; and Garret Hunt, fourth in 23.85.

In the 400 meter dash, Newell Brewer was 11th in 56.26; and Austin Merrill, 16th in 58.14.

In the 800 meter run, John Rodriquez placed second in 2:06; Joseph Cox, third in 2:09; and Thad Frei, ninth in 2:25.

In the 1600 meter run, John Rodriquez placed second in 4:48; Hyrum Hanlon, fourth in 5:11; and Scout Stripedwolf, 17th in 5:41.

In the 3200 meter run, Hyrum Hanlon was eighth in 11:14; and Scout Stripedwolf, 17th in 12:37.

In the 110 meter hurdles, Dustin Shumway was second in 15.43; Brit Smith, fourth in 16.62; and Kirt Solomon, eighth in 17.52.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Brit Smith placed second in 41.46; Dustin Shumway, third in 42.40; and Brenton Ballard, ninth in 45.85.

The foursome of Brit Smith, Tyler Johnson, Chandler Brown and Garret Hunt placed first in the 4×100 meter relay with a time of 44.98.

In the 4×400 meter relay, Brit Smith, Chase Walden, Garret Hunt and Joseph Cox placed second in 3:39.

In the 4×800 meter run, Joseph Cox, Kegan Fay, Thad Frei and John Rodriquez placed first in 8:55.

In the high jump, Kegan Fay took first, clearing 5-11. Everet Lunt was second, clearing the same height in more tries; and Kurt Solomon, third at 5-08.

In the pole vault, Matt Babb, took first getting up and over 12-06; Quentin Scott, second at 11-06; and Jacob Johnson, fifth at 10-06.

Tyler Johnson placed first in the long jump with a distance of 22-7; Dustin Shumway, second with 19-08; and Chase Walden, third with 19-06.

In the triple jump, Dustin Shumway placed third with 38-10; Austin Merrill, 10th with 34-07; and Drew Hudson, 12th with 33-02.

In the shot put, Chase Walden took first with a toss of 50-09; J.T. Bradley, fourth with 43-03; and Reggie Peterson, fifth with 42-11.

In the discus, Reggie Peterson took fourth with a distance of 131-08; and Colton Solomon, 15th with 102-06.

In the girls’ 100 meter dash, McKenzie Wood placed fourth in 14.04; Macie Rawlins, fifth in 14.05; and Kadi Johnson, 13th in 14.58.

In the 200 meter dash, Kendall Brimhall placed third in 29.35; and Marnie Kiester, 14th in 31.01.

In the 400 meter dash, Melissa Allen was first in 1:04; and Marnie Kiester, ninth in 1:09.

In the 800 meter run, Lindsey Webb placed seventh in 2:56; and Adrianna Rosales, 17th in 3:05.

In the 1600 meter run, Michelle Boone placed seventh in 6:25; Adrianna Rosales, 12th in 6:51; and Shelbi Prestwich, 16th in 7:02.

In the 3200 meter run, Michelle Boone placed second in 13:36; and Shelbi Prestwich, eighth in 17:07.

In the 100 meter hurdles, Kiana Natividad placed second in 16.70; and Kilee Richards, sixth in 17.95.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Kilee Richards placed fifth in 53.40; Kiana Natividad, 10th in 54.86; and Charly Flake, 11th in 56.02.

The combo of Kiana Natividad, McKenzie Wood, Kadi Johnson and Macie Rawlins placed third in the 4×100 meter relay.

In the 4×400 meter relay, Melissa Allen, Marnie Kiester, Charly Flake and Jessica Neff placed third.

In the 4×800 meter relay, Michelle Boone, Lindsey Webb, Jessica Neff and Charly Flake finished in second place.

In the high jump, Macie Rawlins placed eighth, clearing 4-08.

Kendall Brimhall placed fourth in the pole vault, getting over 7-06.

In the long jump, Kadi Johnson was fourth with a distance of 14-07; and Kayleen Carpenter, fifth with 14-02.

In the triple jump, Kadi Johnson placed third with a distance of 30-04; Kilee Richards, sixth with 29-02; and Macie Rawlins, seventh with 29-01.

In the shot put, Danielle Hext placed third with a toss of 33-01; Jessica Neff, fourth with 32-08; and Caitlin Christensen, 16th with 24-05.

In the discus, Jessica Neff was 11th with a throw of 76-06; Amber Livingston, 12th with 75-08; and Danielle Hext, 13th with 73-07.