Apr 202012

By Teri Walker —

Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill this week that would have allowed guns in public buildings.

“I am a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, and I have signed into law numerous pieces of legislation over these past few years to advance gun rights. However, I cannot support this measure in its current form,” said Brewer in a letter to bill sponsor Andy Tobin, Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives.

“Decisions made by government officials at the state, county and municipal level impact all areas of life, and can have a profound impact upon an individual’s family and livelihood. Emotions can run high. The decision to permit or prohibit guns in these extremely sensitive locations–whether a city council chamber or branch office staffed with state workers–should be cooperatively reached and supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders, including citizens, law enforcement officials and local government leaders.”

The bill had passed in the House and was signed by Tobin on March 6. If Brewer had signed the measure into law, it would have allowed individuals to carry firearms in public buildings not protected by security personnel or metal detectors.

Brewer also cited financial concerns in her veto letter, saying the legislation would place an undue burden on cash strapped public entities to try to fund security systems in order to keep concealed guns out of public buildings.

“We need to thoughtfully consider public venues and situations in which weapons may not be appropriate, or may be prohibited by federal law,” Brewer concluded.