Apr 272012

By Naomi Hatch —

Town Engineer Rob Emmett reviewed the tentative Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) five-year transportation facilities construction program with the Snowflake Town Council at their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 24.

“ADOT has really changed their focus on the way they do business,” said Emmett, noting the Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) have been cut and money is tight right now.

Emmett explained that an approximate total of $2.3 billion has been programmed for highway projects, with Navajo County being allocated approximately $83.3 million for projects and approximately 47 percent of all funds allocated to Navajo County have been programmed for pavement preservation, bridge rehabilitation and minor projects for the 55 miles of the Interstate 40 corridor through the county.

Emmett said that projects that will benefit Snowflake and the White Mountains the Cheney Ranch to Bison Trail shoulder widening on State Route 260 in 2013; the Salt River Canyon rest area improvement on US 60 in 2014; 2014 the north Snowflake box culvert extension on Flake Road; the five-mile draw bridge widened to four lanes; and resurfacing from Cottonwood Wash to Show Low, all in 2014; and a box culvert extensions on Highway 377 in 2016.

The Airport Improvement Program has identified funding for projects at the Taylor and Show Low Airports and in fiscal years 2013-2107 Taylor Airport has been programmed for $2.8 million in improvements and pavement preservation projects and Show Low Airport has been programmed for $16.6 in improvement and pavement preservation projects.

In other business, the council unanimously approved the purchase of the De-Chlorination Equipment in an amount not to exceed $32,000. This is being done as the town prepares to discharge treated effluent or reclaimed water from the wastewater treatment plant to Cottonwood Wash. There are modifications required to the disinfection system to meet the requirements of the Town’s Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. Emmett explained that in order to meet the effluent concentration limit that reclaimed water must be de-chlorinated.

Council unanimously approved the purchase of a 2012 GMC Sierra pickup from Hatch Motor Company in Snowflake. Public Works Superintendent Terry Cooper reported that this truck is approximately $470 higher than the lowest bid; however it has a tow package and is a heavy duty work truck. The truck they are replacing has approximately 120,000 miles on it.

Council unanimously approved a new pool lift, in an amount not to exceed $6,238.09 that will put the Snowflake swimming pool in compliance with the American Disabilities Act regulations for swimming pool.

Council unanimously approved officers of the Historic Review Committee as follows: Dean Porter, Chairman; Terril Kay, Vice Chairman; and Tammy Mills, Secretary.