Apr 272012

By Sam Conner —

The Winslow City Council met Tuesday in a special session to discuss and possibly take action regarding code enforcement, including the sign code and vendor registration.

No action was taken on the code enforcement, sign ordinance and vendor registration issue, although City Manager Jim Ferguson said that there are areas where the city ordinances and practices are not consistent.

Council members also considered a proposal to eliminate the lower casing from well number seven. The proposal was approved after it was explained that the lower casing would be of little benefit and that the hydrologists, geologists and drilling company all agreed with that assessment. The elimination of the lower casing, which none of the other Winslow wells have, would cut the cost of the project by an estimated $30,000 or more.

Reports were given by City Manager Ferguson on recent city activities, by Police Chief Steve Garnett and Sgt. Scott Peterson of the Major Crimes Apprehension Team regarding drug enforcement. They encouraged citizens to call the police department when they see suspicious behavior such as strange traffic patterns in a neighborhood, transactions and suspicious odors.

The existence of a large pile of salt near the city limits south of Winslow near the old Duke City lumber yard was also explained during the meeting. At first it had been difficult to discover what it was and why it was there. The salt is for use on highways in winter and is owned by a private contractor for ADOT. Neither ADOT nor ADEQ informed the city of the salt, which some see as a potential health hazard.

Mayor Boyd said that the difficulty the city had in finding out who owned the salt and why it was there illustrates why the city needs a policy that will help it control the environment and protect its citizens.

Ricky Jackson was appointed to the Board of Adjustment and Yvonne Jodie and Jim Pate were appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission.

A request from the Winslow Running Club for assistance for a 10K run at Homolovi State Park on June 9 resulted in the city agreeing to provide insurance and other assistance for the event.