May 092012

By Linda Kor —

The Navajo County Fair Board approved a proposed budget last week for events to be held during the fair for fiscal year 2012-13. Each department head presented a total budget, which is estimated at approximately 10 percent higher over the previous year, with the exception of the advertising budget, which is $600 less than last year. The board approved the portion of those budgets that will be funded by the fair board, with the remaining budget amounts to be paid through sponsorships sought by department heads and premium amounts offset by entry fees.

The total proposed budget amount approved for events was $57,841. A breakdown of that total shows that for the Ranch Rodeo a total budget of $13,300 was presented, with $7,930 to be funded by the board; demolition derby, $7,230, with $3,730 to be funded by the board; open class, $3,169, with $810 to be funded by the board; Little Buckaroo Rodeo, $7,590, with $5,000 to be funded by the board; rodeo, $58,000, with $25,000 to be funded by the board; horse achievement, $4,610, with $1,200 to be funded by the board; open livestock, $1,880, with $955 to be funded by the board; junior livestock, $2,980, with $2,120 to be funded by the board; lawn mower/skid steer, a new event with no previous budget and will be funded in the amount of $1,400; advertising budget, including radio, television and newspaper, $8,996 to be funded by the board; and small stock, $1,000, with $700 to be funded by the board.

President Mike Sample informed the board that in speaking with County Manager Jimmy Jayne, he was told that the fair’s budget from the county would likely remain the same as last year, but has not been formally proposed. He did request that additional funds be provided for overtime pay for the grounds supervisor and contract workers, as well as for assistance with the electrical bill once the upgrades are complete, which will remove the fairgrounds from county utilities.

In relation to that matter, board member Terry Nelson informed the board that he did a walk-through of the fairgrounds at the end of April with representatives from Arizona Public Service Co. and three companies interested in bidding on the electrical upgrades that will be taking place at the fairgrounds over the summer. A $59,000 grant has been approved by the county for use on the upgrades, but Nelson estimates that the needed improvements will cost quite a bit more. The work would involve redoing the service box, putting in an underground transformer, removing overhead lines and hooking up arena lighting to the new box.

“We started talking about putting in an underground transformer and I let them know this would be going way beyond $59,000,” said Nelson, who noted that the county has agreed to do the majority of the labor involved in order to offset some of the cost. Since the work being done will require the pavement along the midway to be torn up, there will be no events scheduled in the midway or Martinez Hall for the months of July and August.

In other business, Sample informed the board that he purchased a used commercial freezer for $200 for use in the cantina. “We’ve had so much trouble with (regulating) the walk-in freezer with opening and closing that door. This will be a big help,” explained Sample. In addition, he received approval from the board to purchase a 6’ Royal grill from Southwest Equipment for $2,500 and a double fryer from Restaurant Depot for $731, each being the lowest price obtained from three companies.

The board approved facilities requests for Tim Kelley for May 11 and the Navajo County Personnel Commission for May 12.