Jun 152012

A number of Native American schools in the area will be receiving funding from the Arizona Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF) to build renewable energy systems in their communities.

REIF is managed by Tempe-based Salt River Project, Tucson Electric Power and the Grand Canyon Trust, and was provided with $5 million in funds after the expansion of the Springerville Generating Station in 2009. Those funds will be used to support projects that reduce pollution and benefit Native American communities across Arizona and in northwestern New Mexico.

The proposals to receive the latest awards from REIF were selected based on a number of criteria, such as their ability to generate renewable energy, cost effectiveness and the ability for the project to be completed.

The projects within the area include $236,000 for a solar and wind power project to benefit Little Singer, Dilkon Community, Leupp, Shonto Preparatory and NATIVE schools; and $65,000 for a solar and wind power project to benefit Moenkopi Day and Hopi Day schools. In addition, $253,000 will be used to provide wind power to an assisted living facility for the Hopi Office of Elderly Services.