Jun 292012

By Linda Kor

Members of the Joseph City School District Governing Board approved a proposed budget of $4.3 million budget for fiscal year 2013 as they met in a special meeting June 21. The total presented reflects a five percent decrease from the previous year’s budget due primarily to a decrease in student count.

The budget includes a soft capital allocation limit of $43,180, which is a reduction of $82,287 from what was received last year. Soft capital funds are used to purchase educational supplies such as textbooks. The amount anticipated for new capital was budgeted at $93,103 and will be added to the carryover amount of $225,991. “We try to hold on to our capital since we have no idea what the legislature will do,” Business Man-ager Carol Henderson explained, adding that although these are the numbers she was given, there is a likeli-hood that more funds will be provided.

The district has no major capital projects outlined with the exception of a lease purchase for a new school bus, which was approved in the regular meeting earlier in the month.

The final budget will go before the board at the regular meeting scheduled at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 10, which will be preceded by a Truth and Taxation hearing at 5:45 p.m.

In other action June 21, the board:

* Approved a revision to the activity/athletic salary schedule. The revision allows for Joseph City Junior High School athletic director position to be added and a change in category for the Joseph City High School athletic director’s salary resulting in a reduction in pay.

* Approved out of state travel for the JCHS varsity basketball players and coach so they may attend a bas-ketball camp scheduled July 9-13 in Santa Barbara, Calif.

* Approved the issuance of contract addendums to retired employees and ESI employees working for the district. The addendums will allow for the 8.64 percent alternate contribution rate to the Arizona State Retire-ment System to be taken out of the employee’s paycheck.

* Accepted the resignation of special education teacher Jerald Hansen, effective immediately.

* Approved several coaching and athletic related positions, including Sheri Brennan, JCJHS girls’ basket-ball; Tonya Crosby, JCJHS boys’ basketball; Jeri Edwards, JCJHS girls’ volleyball; Eric Miller, JCJHS ath-letic director; Robert Pugh, JCJHS track; Mike Sterkowitz, JCHS athletic director; and Kimber Tuckfield, JCHS cheer sponsor. In addition, J.C. Click and Eldon Larsen were approved as JCHS football coach volun-teers.