Jun 292012

By Sam Conner —

The city engineer’s contract was renewed at Tuesday evening’s Winslow City Council meeting. Engineer Mark Woodson noted that he likes working for the city and has knowledge of it. He agreed to accept a three-year extension with no increase in rates, which was offered by a motion of the council. It was noted that Woodson has agreed to not increase fees, as city workers are not getting raises. The company handles two types of work, the second of which must be approved by the council in each instance. Woodson noted that the city can get out of the contract with a 30-day notice, so is not bound by the three-year limit.

A public hearing on the tentative budget for fiscal year 2013 was followed by passage of a resolution for adoption of the tentative budget. There were no speakers during the public hearing.

In reference to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a portion of Arizona SB 1070, Police Chief Steve Garnett said that the Winslow Police Department would not stop anyone because of the color of their skin. He said there would be no racial profiling, and there would be no interrogation regarding immigration status until after the state has provided whatever training it has promised to give, but has not defined.

A resolution was adopted supporting an application for transportation enhancement funds for phase six of the Route 66 Downtown Renovation project. This project will be used to improve Second and Third streets from Snider Avenue to the park on the east end of the city.

A resolution was adopted authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation providing a transfer of funds by way of a National Scenic Byways Discretionary Grant. This grant is for $488,000 and requires some matching funds.

The council accepted donation of a diesel locomotive from BNSF Railroad and stated its intent to place it in the First Street Park. Eric Greer and Ken Evans were cited as helping to get the donation of the locomotive.

Councilman Peter Cake announced that he would no longer be able to serve on the Little Colorado Levee Committee.

Mayor Robin Boyd reported on a meeting with legislators regarding possible alcoholic problems in border towns.

Reports by City Manager Jim Ferguson and Alan Rosenbaum on recent city activities noted that there remain vacancies on city boards and commissions, and that there had been a major water line break in a 90-year-old cast iron pipe, which has been replaced, but there is more work to be done.

Finance Director Regina Reffner gave the monthly financial report, which still shows city revenues down in most areas. She said that staff is carefully watching the situation. Reffner reported that city sales taxes are down $100,000 from last year. State income tax is down $130,000 and just 55 percent of what was received three years ago.

Placement of Crosses of Lorraine in the historic Indian Sanatorium Cemetery was approved. The crosses were a gift to the Winslow Chamber of Commerce, which is giving them for use at the cemetery.

An ordinance was adopted amending the development service fees and charges schedule of rates, fees and charges. This will result in an increase in water rates.

The council approved a request from the Chamber of Commerce to waive fees for the Northeast Arizona Freedom Festival on the Fourth of July.

An ordinance amending the community service fees and schedule for Winslow Animal Care Facilities fees was removed from the agenda and will be addressed at the next meeting.

Two persons spoke during the call to the public on their issues of concern. Several citizens spoke during action items on the donation of the locomotive and the raising of water rates.

The consent calendar was adopted, giving approvals of the check register, minutes of previous council meetings, a special events liquor license for the Winslow Firefighters Association for July 4 and an agreement for audit services for the fiscal year ending June 30. The auditor will be Clifton Larsen Allen, with the cost to be $32,000 to $36,000.