Jul 202012

By Linda Kor
The City of Holbrook began the renovation of John Barrow Little League Field this week, something that the Holbrook Little League and the city have been hoping to do for many years, but lacked the funding. The project will include a complete renovation, with the field to be realigned and expanded to regulation size to allow for tournaments. New fencing will be installed, along with a sprinkler system, scoreboard and grass, and in the spring of 2013, lockable dugouts will be constructed.
The project is moving forward thanks to a $10,000 contribution made by Arizona Public Service Co. (APS), with the Holbrook Little League scheduled to match that amount.
“The money from APS will likely be used toward new fencing and things like that. The city is loaning the equipment and most of the labor will be done in-house,” explained Assistant City Manager Randy Sullivan.
With the field to be expanded to regulation size Sullivan anticipates that it will also be used for soccer and football in the off-season.
The field was originally built in 1952 for the kids in the community, making Holbrook’s Little League organization one of the oldest in the state. The field was named for John Barrow, who started the organization in Holbrook and ran it for approximately 54 years.
“This will make a huge difference in the neighborhood. There will be new grass, dugouts and, hopefully, bleachers, just one more thing to add to beautifying our community,” stated Parks and Recreation Supervisor Tim Kelley.
With the amount of work to be done Sullivan doesn’t anticipate the field being ready for next year’s sea-son. “This will take a lot of work and a lot of time, but it’ll look nice when it’s done. What we’ll need then are some lights. It’d be really nice to have night games,” said Sullivan.
Whether the league will have funding for lights will likely be determined by the generosity of residents and business owners in the community. The Holbrook Little League Board is seeking contributions of funds, pro bono work, or reduced pricing for construction materials and labor to complete the project. If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact Alex Baker at (928) 241-0291 or Cher Reyes at 241-0709.

Photo By Linda Kor
City workers have begun renovating Barrow Little League Field in order to build a regulation Little League field. Parks and Recreation Supervisor Tim Kelley (left) and Assistant City Manager Randy Sullivan take down the most recent scoreboard used for the field, finding the original worn scoreboard still in place behind it.