Jul 252012

Photo by Naomi Hatch
Names of residents of Taylor dated 1883 to 1888 and 1905 were carved on this approximately 6,000-lb. rock that was discovered by Aaron Solomon by Taylor Knoll. It took a while to organize a group to haul the rock to the Taylor Museum, where it sits on the west side of the lawn. Clayton Solomon organized the project for his Eagle Scout project, which required the use of two backhoes and Everett Brewer’s crane. Helping bring the rock to the museum were (left to right) Aaron, Gary, Clayton and (not pictured) Bill Solomon. Stop by and check out the signatures, including “A. Hatch Apache County, Jan. 5, 1883,” and the brands that have been carved into the rock. If you recognize a name or brand, please provide that information to the tour guide at the museum.