Aug 032012

By Nick Worth
The Holbrook City Council voted to approve a $10,163,631 million budget for fiscal year 2012-13 in a spe-cial meeting Tuesday night. Absent from the meeting was Vice Mayor Charles Haussman. Mayor Jeff Hill was present by telephone.
The budget included:
* $4,758,269 allocated to the General Fund;
* $2,504,362 million in Special Revenue Funds; and
* $2,901,000 in Enterprise Funds available.
Assistant City Manager and Finance Director Randy Sullivan told the council the proposed budget contained approximately $1 million in contingency funds and grants.
The council unanimously passed the motion to approve the budget.
Sullivan then told the council the proposed 2.789 cents per $100 valuation tax rate would remain unchanged from last year’s rate, and would be sufficient to raise $55,907 in property tax levies. The ordinance levying that rate on the assessed valuation of property within the city also passed unanimously.
In other action July 31, the council:
* Approved the consent agenda, which consisted of claims and payments for July 19-26.
* Approved claims and payment for Walt’s Hardware totaling $559.46.
* Held the second reading of and approved Ordinance 12-03, accepting, establishing, opening and naming a portion of Blue Sage Lane.
The passage of the ordinance names the portion of the street which runs north and south and west Blue Sage Lane, and notes that the city accepts the street as is from Ray Alley/Alley Family Trust, and agrees to include it in and maintain it as part of the city’s street system.
Alley serves as city manager.